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    109 Ambulance: Relocating Battery.

    I am finishing up on my new wiring harness and am thinking it would be good to relocate the battery to between the frame behind the center frame cross member (cg and clear up engine compartment space). I know its not the usual place to move the battery, and would make it a pain to jump (will be...
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    Heated Series Windscreens Group Buy...

    Over on Guns and Rovers were are trying to put together a group buy for heated series windscreen. Every series owner knows our defrosters suck. We are going through Trevor at Rovahfarm. Please see this link: Jared
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    Drilling hole in frame for galvy

    My 88 frame is in great shape, no rust and still had factory chalk marks. I found a galvanizer to do the work ater I finish my welding my engine mounts but he suggested I drill some extra holes for zinc drainage. The question is where and how big to make the holes? Jared
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    Installing a Detroit Locker in a Series Sals

    Do I grind? I wish I had pics, but I was running late to get to work. I really need someone that has done this before on a Sals split case. I have confirmed the PN several times. This is kind of hard to explain. I have the whole diff halves a part and cleaned. The diff halves are 60%...
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    Whats the difference between jerry fuel and water cans?

    I have found a few surplus wedco type jerry cans used for water, when compared to my other jerry cans there looks to be no difference even the pn is the same, except for a small paint stencil that says water. Is there? Well, I did find one difference the water cans had a orange seals and the...
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    Series Sals: 30 spline and electrac???

    My neighbor has a Dana 60 30 spline Electrac locker he never put into his truck, he only want 300 for the whole kit. If I bore out the spindles, get a set of 30 spline axles how hard is it for a local shop to set it up? Will my stock 4.7 gears work? Does anyone have an electrac or real...
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    Any one have a rotting S2 bulkhead?

    Any one have a rotting S2 bulkhead? The plan of putting a new dash is cost restrictive in the S3 so I was thinking of putting in a parcel tray from a S2/2a? Anyone have a good parcel tray but bad bulkhead? I am willing to pay!!! Jared
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    Where to find a M416 or like...

    Where does one find a M416(Candian M101a) or like 1/4 ton trailer? I have been looking a little but haven't found anything close to SoCal. Is anyone dealing in these still? KingSlug
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    Diff strength..

    I usually a Land Rover driver, but since I am upgrading to toyota diffs I have just a quick question. How much stronger is the 9.25" diff than the 8" diff? I don't need a total engineering explanation, just some quick reasons? Do others swap the 9.25" in to places the 8" was? I think I will...
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    Please don't call me a caveman, but

    Please don't call me a caveman, but does anyone here used old school nav tools? I was a C130 navigator so I am a little crazy about nav. Now I have a GPS, but I love old school tech. These are my backups: Mag compass, Abrams sun compass, Astro Compass and my RAF bubble sextant. First line...
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    Center of gravity.....

    I am just starting to build up my 2a ambulance. I am concerned about the center of gravity, everything is going low because my amby is tippy in its stock form. The 3 fuel tanks and the water tank are going to be at frame level. I really dont want anything on the roof but the RTT is so...