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    Extreme use Earthroamer

    Hey, I think Earthroamers are gosh jolly groovy, but do they ever go off road? I search vids, but the only off-roading I see is it drive up to a rock and take some still pics with stuff in the background that we all wish they would go drive on... Are they just too expensive to go off road or...
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    ARB 50 QT fridge

    Excellent condition, ARB compressor refrigerator/freezer. I used this for a few trips last year in my camper. I bought a bigger, two door unit to replace my new camper fridge now. I have a full-pull drawer slide framed in wood that can go with it. It is designed for the bolt holes of the ARB...
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    Need More Water

    I am wanting an aux water tank to fit forward of the truck bed fender in the empty space the TC leaves. I will plumb it into the water system and boondock longer with more water. Anyone know of a good source for this tank? 2nd gen Ram.
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    AC compressor reduction/replacement

    I have been at this for a few years with each camper I own. I want an AC unit that will run off a 2200watt inverter gen, and run at altitude, and fit. The 9,000 btu Polar Cub will work low, but not well over 4,000 or 5,000 feet ele, so that is not an option. Let's say for discussion that a...
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    HECO roof lift fixes

    So, first, I know my trailer is not exactly off-road worthy, but I seem to find more knowledge on this forum than others where mostly people just like to express whatever opinion comes into their mind suddenly at time of reading vs actually having useable knowledge. I am looking for quality...
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    Ryobi Gen Sine Wave Test

    Have any of you tech geeks put an oscilloscope on the Ryobi 2000W Generator inverter? It puts out a modified sine wave, but I cannot find out how modified it is. I have some items that will be ruined off a DC inverter, but might work on this type. And, no, not looking for opinions about it...
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    Temp Trouble With ARB

    I am on my 2nd ARB 50 this week. The first would not get anywhere near cooling, so had to set it 20 degrees lower. I returned it. The current ARB 50 qt I have set at 31F, and my home thermometer confirms it is close, but the digital ARB readout says 24, yet there is wet condensation on the...
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    Slide-in Pop-Up Skamper

    Location East of Atlanta, GA 10 foot slide in camper. Go here for more photos Skamper. Fits an 8 foot bed nicely, night fit a 6. Renovated for boon docking. Clean, no leaks. Renovated customizations: 4-season camper. Brand is Skamper...
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    Trailer Brake Question - electrical

    I am having trouble with my trailer brakes. There are 4. I know the controller worked on a friends trailer with 2 brakes when I towed it. I tested at the hitch plug and get almost 6 volts at full over-ride position. I do not give 12 volts. In the trailer I get a little less. There is...
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    Plastic water tank repair

    I have a poly 25 gallon fresh water tank. One of the threaded inlets is cracked, thanks to previous owner. I tried plastic welding, but no success (tank melts faster than the stick). I want to just glue the fitting into the tank so it does not drip, drip leak. Any suggestions on something to...
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    Portable Propane Cooler - regulated or not?

    So, I have an older Dometic portable 3-way cooler. It has a male flair fitting for the propane and a place for a small disposable bottle. Do these coolers typically have their own regulator or does it need to be regulated before connecting? Im sure the cooler had a connector originally that...
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    Venting portable refrigerator

    In lieu of installing a refrigerator in the popup truck camper I am going to use my Dometic portable cooler, which is a propane fridge basically. I want to store it on a drawer slide inside a cabinet, but need to vent the propane gases. Has anyone done something like this? I am wondering if I...
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    Trailer axle lift

    Anyone spin their axles over to have more lift? I have an axle like this one It is a 4-inch drop, if I spin it up it will raise the trailer 8 inches higher. The axle will not be hanging from the hubs, but now be balanced on...
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    Air conditioner alternatives

    I have a pop up truck camper and want AC. I do not want a roof AC for several reasons, though I have one sitting in the garage from a wrecked RV. I am looking at window units, but rather not have to hang it out and I cannot mount it hanging out as I often tow a cargo trailer that would hit it...
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    Towing with a 10 footer

    With my camper in it is as long as the end of the tailgate down. How do you tow? The trailer tongue is too short to reach under the tailgate (extended camper rear) and not hit the camper in turns. Two options - longer trailer tongue, or longer hitch extension. The extension from receiver is...
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    Bed Liner Paint on Camper Body?

    Picked up a used Skamper. It looks OK, but I'd like it to look better. Bad news is the owner, I think, painted it with house latex paint. It looks decent, but a little dirty now. I would like to paint it with bed liner, white coating. Will it stick to aluminum siding? How hard do you think...