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  1. MotoDave

    Long-term Feedback request: Daystar Airbag Cradles

    I have a 2012 Tundra that carries a FWC Hawk to which I recently installed airbags to help carry the load. I'm really happy with the airbags from a ride perspective, they made a very positive improvement to how the truck carries the weight of the camper and they had no negative effect to how it...
  2. MotoDave

    WTB: Camper Jacks

    Looking for a set of 4 camper jacks and corner brackets for my ~98 FWC Hawk.
  3. MotoDave

    Cooler SIZE survey

    I'm surprised I didn't find a thread like this already ... if I missed one, please delete this. I'm going to pick up a Yeti Cooler - with my REI dividend and 20% off coupon it'll be near free, and I'm sick of my el-cheapo Igloo cooler. This is not a debate over brand - I'm sure Engel and...
  4. MotoDave

    Tig Torch - CK9 Flex Head

    New in box CK Flex head tig torch with 25' superflex hose. Part No CK9-25-RSF FX. $65 shipped
  5. MotoDave

    All-Purpose Scout 80 build

    I spent a couple of years building and wheeling my daily driver Toyota T100, and while fun at first I definitely found the wear and tear on the daily driver to be a drag. Not to mention the more I modified the truck, the more it sucked for on-road duties, as I’m sure most here know. I’ve always...
  6. MotoDave

    Toyota Valve and timing belt tools, axle rebuild kits

    The following are all left over from the '96 T100 I sold recently, time to clean up the 'spares' shelf in the garage. Quick disconnect sway bar couplers - missing 1 set of bushings (I just reused stock). $50 shipped...
  7. MotoDave

    Tundra - Bed Rail Alternative

    My new Tundra didn't come with the Toyota deck rail system, and after seeing the similar setup that a few friends with Tacomas have I decided I'd do something a bit sturdier. I used L-Track, sometimes called airline seat track, cut to length and drilled to attach to the factory screw holes. The...
  8. MotoDave

    Towers of Ennedi - Climbing Expedition

    Not sure exactly where this should go, feel free to move if this isn't the place. Really well shot and edited video documentary of an expedition to the Ennedi Desert to climb natural spires for the first time.
  9. MotoDave

    El Cheapo tire deflator

    I can't claim credit for this, ntsqd showed me his and I copied it. I thought other people might be interested as well. McMaster-Carr sells pop air relief valves in various pressure ratings. Mate one to a clip on air chuck, and you have a tire deflator for around $20. Air chuck: 6140A62 $8.40...