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  1. OutbacKamper

    XPCamper - NW Overland Rally - Plain WA - June 25-28 ***PHOTOS ADDED***

    XPCamper will be at the NW Overland Rally, in Plain, Washington, June 25-28. Please drop by and say hello and check out the V2 XPCamper. We hope to see you there. Info about the rally: NW Overland RallyNW Overland Rally Schedule Info about XPCamper: XPCamper June 28 Update - I just...
  2. OutbacKamper

    XPCamper V2 Tacoma Camper: Specs, Pics and Pricing

    XPCamper V2 Tacoma Camper: Specs, Pics and Pricing Marc, the owner of XPCamper, recently debuted the V2 Tacoma camper at Overland Expo 2013. He is offering special introductory pricing until the end of June. Overland Expo Special V2 Camper with following specs: $25,999 Regular price...
  3. OutbacKamper

    XPCamper Updates

    It was recently pointed out to me that the XPCamper website is out of date, and that it is difficult to find current information. Hopefully I can provide some information here for anyone who may be interested. First an introduction of sorts: My name is Mark (with a k) Stevens and I have been...
  4. OutbacKamper

    ***SOLD***Superduty ARE MX Canopy/Cap camper

    For Sale: Partially Camperized Superduty Canopy, Interior, Truck Box and More I am changing direction and will be installing a flatbed, so all of the following must go: 1999 ARE MX canopy to fit short box Ford Superduty (will fit 1999-2010, 2011?) with walk-in door/hatch back. Professionally...
  5. OutbacKamper

    2007 Fleetwood E2 Trailer

    **** SOLD**** 2007 Fleetwood E2 (now sold under the Coleman name) "Off Road" Pop-Up Camper / Toy Hauler Location: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Very good condition, used approx. 12 times Has all standard features, such as: 3 way fridge, propane furnace, dual propane tanks, cassette...
  6. OutbacKamper

    ER rumour

    There is a thread on that indicates that Earth Roamer may be out of business. Hopefully not. Does anyone here know anything? Thanks Mark
  7. OutbacKamper

    Unusual compact pop-up tip-out camper

    Here is an unusual one that may appeal to some compact truck owners, again not mine: Seems like a great deal for $800 Mark
  8. OutbacKamper

    Wildernest, Seattle CL

    This is not mine, but I thought someone might be looking foe an inexpensive wildernest. $800 Cheers Mark
  9. OutbacKamper

    1995 Northern Lite 6'10" Camper

    1995 6'10" Northern Lite Camper, in great condition. Will fit compact trucks (ie: Ranger, Tacoma, etc) and Dakota pickups. I also have a custom made 9" basement for it to fit a '99-'08 Ford Superduty shortbox 350kg (770 lb) 4 hydraulic jacks 3 way fridge new porta-potty see Northern Lite...
  10. OutbacKamper

    5 new XZL tires on craigslist

    I know there has been a lot of talk about how difficult these tires are to obtain, so I thought this link may be of interest. I have no affiliation etc, etc: Cheers Mark
  11. OutbacKamper

    '82 Land Rover Series III Lightweight

    Listed on Vancouver,BC Craigslist (not mine): The owner has since reduced the price to $5,000 Cheers Mark
  12. OutbacKamper

    XP Camper

    Here is just a hint of what is to come: A friend has been working hard for some time now on a new expedition camper design. It is a hardside pop-up designed for a full size pickup equipped with a flatbed. Personally I am pretty excited about this...
  13. OutbacKamper

    1995 D90 $6400

    I came across this on craigslist (LasVegas), thought it might be of interest: Cheers Mark on edit: Just a word of caution- the price on this add seems too good to be true. It is either an awesome deal, a misprint, or a scam.
  14. OutbacKamper

    can you call an '82 a classic? No affiliation, I just thought some might enjoy a classic '82 BJ41 that is legal to import into the US. Cheers Mark
  15. OutbacKamper

    Rare and unsual L.C.'s available

    I just found an interesting site called it seems to be a US company that imports and sells a wide variety of interesting and unusual landcruisers, many of them diesels. Here are a few examples: I thought some of you LC fans might be interested. Cheers Mark
  16. OutbacKamper

    1962 Land Rover Dormobile Camper

    Here is an unusual one, I found on Craigslist (Vancouver): Cheers Mark
  17. OutbacKamper

    Tire Advise Please

    My truck is in need of new tires, but I am having trouble deciding what to buy. My F350 weighs about 7000lb empty and up to 11,000lb fully loaded with camper and gear. I am looking for some advise. Here is a little history: The oem tires were 265/75-16 load range E, highway tread Pirelli...
  18. OutbacKamper

    Innovation Camper

    Innovan Camper Check out this new, unusual, camper design. There are some good movies of Cape York and the Simpson Desert too. What do you think? Cheers Mark
  19. OutbacKamper

    4WC Hawk custom expedition camper for sale

    OUTBACKAMPER custom expedition camper for sale OUTBACKAMPER FOR SALE: 2004 FOUR WHEEL CAMPERS, HAWK SHELL MODEL C/W MODIFICATIONS See the Four Wheel Campers website for general information: This camper will fit any full size short box truck including Nissan...
  20. OutbacKamper

    Help for non-Toyota owner?

    I don't own a Toyota, and never have. However I can dream can't I? My problem when reading about Toyotas is the alphabet soup names. FZJ80 FJ60 BJ40 PZJ73 UZJ100......ETC.....ETC....ETC As I understand it, the first letter (or 2 letters?) tells you the engine type, I have found some information...