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  1. jacobconroy

    How to clean the top of an awning

    It is the second season that I've been using my Alu-Cab Shadow Awning and I love it. Certainly the best money I've spent on my rig (after the RTT). While putting it away this morning I noticed that it is beginning to accumulate a bit of tree sap and other sticky crap on the top of the awning. I...
  2. jacobconroy

    This would be cool for a fridge I was looking around for a drawer-type fridge and found this. Easy access to beer....more space for when actually cooking. It's a good idea and I wish a big-brand company would make something similar. When is someone...
  3. jacobconroy

    Question about light weight spare on JK

    I don't have a matching spare on my 2-door JK. It's the same size, but doesn't match. The issue is that my main tires are north of $300.00 a pop, and I just can't make myself buy another one for a spare. I don't include my spare into rotation, and every matching spare tire I've ever bought winds...
  4. jacobconroy

    This one is kinda cool The bed box might be pretty cool. Bear resistant. The external boxes have internal access. The space in the front of the box might be big enough to rig up some kind of toilet. Might be room for a...
  5. jacobconroy

    Zombie-era Overlanding.

    Have you ever wondering what will become of our little hobby if the Zombies should ever take over? Well, so has this guy.
  6. jacobconroy

    Bonehead question about starting batteries in old Ford van

    Yo! I've been sidetracked. The group 64 battery died in my 1987 Ford van and I can get a replacement at a prorated price. My question is, should I install two and wire them in parallel? There are mounting spots for two batteries under the hood, but ye old Ford manual says that the second...
  7. jacobconroy

    Hot water in a Chaser !!!!????

    I have a 2012 Adventure Trailers Chaser that hasn't been used much in the two years we've been together. Last Friday I took 'er out and was amazed at how well that trailer follows my Jeep. That suspension is awesome. So, I've decided that I need hot water and a sink in the Chaser. It has a 10...
  8. jacobconroy

    Lithium Stickies?

    Just wondering if a knowledgable, helpful, electronic Guru or group on the forum would be interested in creating and posting at least two stickies: Lithium for beginners Lithium-related-acronyms And possibly a list of good (not too technical) reference material for newbies. While trying to...
  9. jacobconroy

    Best grill gloves

    I've been using the "Ove-Glove" for a couple of seasons now and have lost one. I'm in the market for a new pair. One thing I didn't like about the cloth Ove-Glove is that if you spill bacon grease or boiling water on the glove it goes right through the weave and burns the holy hell out of you...
  10. jacobconroy

    Small chimney start for charcoal

    I'm looking for a small, foldable, quality charcoal chimney for a Snow Peak Single BBQ Box. In my experience it only needs 10 - 14 briquettes to fill it up. The inexpensive chimney I bought from Amazon is very hard to fold/unfold due to warping. It needs to be small enough to fit inside the SP...
  11. jacobconroy

    Does Partner Steel make a single-burner stove?

    I've been playing with my Kanz Kitchen and decided that I'd like to fit my Snow Peak grill box in there with a single-burner Partner Steel stove. This way I can can have a grill, burner, and oven (using a Coleman folding oven) in one chuck box. I swear I've seen single-burner Partners before on...
  12. jacobconroy

    Who has a Trailgater for JK? I need a measurement please!!!!!

    Howdy! I'm thinking about picking up a Trailgrater for my '07 JK...but I have a gas shock installed. It looks like mounting plate for a Trailgater will just miss the shock mount, but the table portion is higher than the mounting plate and will be in front of my gas shock when it's closed. Can...
  13. jacobconroy

    Multi-pin weatherproof bulkhead connectors for RTT passthrough

    Hi, I'm at the point in my project that I need to pass some power through the fiberglass roof of my Jeep and into my RTT. I need a low amperage 12V circuit in the tent (for charging the RTT light, phone charging, etc.) and I need to pass the wiring for my Propex thermostat through (which has six...
  14. jacobconroy

    Stow-able dog bed/cot for spoiled camp pooch

    Hi, I have a 20 lbs. dog and she doesn't like to lay in the dirt. Since she sleeps in the RTT with me, I don't particularly want her to lie in the dirt either. In the past I've hauled around a human camp chair for her to curl up in at camp (usually in her sleeping bag) and have decided that I...
  15. jacobconroy

    Mounting a Baroud to Front Runner Slimline II

    Hi Yall, I am looking for James Baroud mounting brackets that are 3.5 inches wide (between the threaded posts). I see that Front Runner now sells them, but a set of four for $100.00 is just ridiculous. Yes, the Front Runner kit has a few different adapters for Autohome/Baroud and some height...
  16. jacobconroy

    Variable line voltage disconnects - which one?

    I've been using a National Luna Power pack for a couple of years in my JK. However, the voltage disconnect is not variable and the unit is very big. Also, I have a two-bank NOCO charger in the rig. When I plug into shore power at home for battery maintenance I have to manually turn off the power...
  17. jacobconroy

    AluCab RTT in Montana

    Found this on the local CL. Pretty rare for a quality RTT to come up in western MT.
  18. jacobconroy

    Let's talk about ASME propane tank installations (vans)

    Hi, I'm at the point with my van build where an ASME propane tank is needed. I've found a 10 x 42 inch ASME tank from a salvage Ford 1-ton motorhome (for $150.00) and it will fit in the space I have. The math leads me to expect that this tank will be hold about 10 gallons and give me around 8...
  19. jacobconroy

    2012 Adventure Trailers Chaser and Eezi-Awn Globe Trotter tent for sale

    For Sale. 2012 Adventure Trailers Chaser with Eezi-Awn Globe Trotter tent Trailer Details: Located in Western Montana I have owned for two years Clear title No major problems, but needs a little TLC Has instruction booklet from Adventure Trailers Group 31 battery is good 19 gallon water tank...
  20. jacobconroy

    FS Galvanized Jeep Kitchen (now called Overland Kitchen)

    Hi Yall, I'm going to sell my galvanized Jeep Kitchen because I'm moving to a van and need to build new drawers to fit a Snow Peak IGT. Located in western Montana. The company is now called "Overland Kitchen", but it's the same thing. It is important to note that my model is galvanized sheet...