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  1. Redranger90

    Latest experiment.... 1988 Subaru justy 4x4!!

    Our latest expedition vehicle build.... stay tuned!
  2. Redranger90

    Will an inverter run my compressor!?

    Hey all! I figured I'd ask the guru's here as you've all probably got the experience to help me out. I'm going on a trip and would like to bring a compressor for air tools, filling tires etc. I have a 1.8hp 120v compressor that does about 4.9cfm. I'm wondering if a 12v to 120v inverter would be...
  3. Redranger90

    Looking for parts stateside!!!! Need hoodsticks!

    Hey there, I'm trying to find and acquire hoodsticks for my 101 forward control. I'd like to get them stateside as shipping from jolly ol England costs an arm and a leg. My next best bet will be to have to make them, but if I can even get someone's ol spare set that would be much easier and...
  4. Redranger90

    Ccw while overlanding

    I know guns can be a touchy subject for some people, but I'd like to ask anyway. How many people carry while traveling? I know there are right and wrong ways of doing it. For one, the Utah "multi state" carry permit allows for the legal possession of a handgun in 40 some odd states. However...
  5. Redranger90

    WTB: Michelin xl 11.00r16

    Looking for a set of Michelin xl in the size 11.00 r16. 75% or so or better preferred. New England area also preferred, or we can talk shipping.
  6. Redranger90

    101 lockers

    I'm on the lookout for lockers for my 101 forward control. The axel is an oddball one from rover, and I know that companies like ARB and Detroit have since discontinued their 101 lines. I'm looking for one of two things... 1. If anyone may have a spare leftover laying around for sale or 2. I...
  7. Redranger90

    Tapered "parabolic" springs

    Hey! I know there are plenty of places around that offer custom leaf spring applications, however, all of the ones I've contacted here in the states won't manufacture "parabolic" leafs for my land rover 101. There is a company in the uk that can make them, but they would have to be limited...
  8. Redranger90

    WANTED TO Buy: michelin XML

    Looking to find 2 michelin XML tires to complete my set. Don't have to be brand new, but some tread preferred. Have to be 325/85 r16 I only need 1 to complete the set, but I'd also like a spare if I can If you're in the southern New England and New Hampshire/southern Maine area I can probably...
  9. Redranger90

    WANTED! Michelin mill. Tires

    Hey all! I almost have a complete set of 5 michelin XML tires 325/85 r16. I only need 2 more. I feel like it's a shot in the dark, but here goes anyway. If you're in the Boston/Rhode Island area or near it, I'll pick it up, and pay cash. If not, we can talk delivery. Don't have to be shiny...