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  1. 4runnerteq


    We have a 3rd gen 4runner with 225k miles and a 4th gen limited 4runner 4.7 with 180k miles. Had the 3rd for almost 18 years. For the past 7 or 8 years it's been our "fun" rig. Light offroading, camping, & in the past 2 years pulling the teardrop. Needs the valve cover gaskets replaced (standard...
  2. 4runnerteq

    Alright, whose PIG is this?

    Guy hauling said it was coming from Colorado going to South Carolina. Pretty sweet truck.
  3. 4runnerteq

    Dealer Event

    Vendors, we would like to have an Expo/Camping/Offroadish type event here on the dealership property. Interests? Suggestions? Possible attendees or organizers? We do 4 or 5 Tacomas and 4runners each month with just basic spacer lifts and Stealth Custom Series wheels. One of our guys here has a...
  4. 4runnerteq

    1992 Toyota 4wd $3200

    My son just recently bought a new Tacoma and we are selling the mini. This truck is a little rough around the edges, but it runs and drives great. has 191k miles on the legendary 22RE 4cyl, auto trans. We have owned it for the past 10 years. The interior is fair with some wear on the seat...
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    Offroad in a New 2016 Taco

    Had a pretty tough job on Tuesday. Had to take a new Taco and check its offroad ability. Somebodys gotta do it.
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    I need an entry level AR 15 education

    Been shopping ARs for a couple months. My budget is an entry level gun. Looked at DPMS, Del-ton, Ruger all in person, and reviews on Smith & Wesson H&P Sport. Best I can tell, these rifles in this range seem to be pretty much the same. The forums I have looked at are so full of flamers on why...
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    New Red Wing 10875 Review Starting

    New RW 10875 moc toe. I had a whole intro done up and my freaking log in timed out when I hit the "post" button. I hate when that happens. Ive been on the fence about buying these for months and months. Ordered from the local RW store because I boot I wanted not stocked.Measures on 3 devices for...
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    Red Wing Heritage Boots

    Whose wearing and how do you like. I wore Red Wings for years way back. Find myself now wanting another pair in the Heritage line. The Beckman Round toe in Black Cherry
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    2.6 gallon jerry cans

    Getting ready to order 2 water and 2 fuel jerry cans and mounts for my m416 from height is right for the sides of the trailer and to me,2.6 gal is easier to handle than 5 gal.
  10. 4runnerteq

    fix or replace

    Been riding a Trek 4100 for about 8 years. The front shock is trashed. Would love to have a new Specialized Rockhopper Evo. Hard for me to justify $1500 to me though when I can replace the shock on the Trek with something decent for $300. But also the saddle is bout shot and noise in the rear...
  11. 4runnerteq

    M416 Lift Kit?

    Is there such a thing? New leaf pack? Add leaf? Id like my trailer to sit a little higher, but flipping the axle just looks to be a little unstable to me. Changes in "pullability" ? It doesnt really need any more ground clearance for what I do. Im just thinkin down the road with a RTT mounted...
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    Some of you Jeep guys may like these

    They say thats a CJ in there Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good truck day

    Great day to be outside. Me and my son spent a little time painting on his truck. Just got his permit. Got the lower valance and top of one fender done. It aint proffessional. I call it a 10 footer. Looks good from 10 feet away. Next is the hood, roof and other fender. Then we went on a treasure...
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    Time to make the salsa

    Not camp cooking, but nice to have around the campfire. Salsa made with fresh garden veggies Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I need new trail runners

    Ok, so I dont run trails. But Ive been wearing Vasque Velocity trail runners for at least 8 years and they are not made anymore. Ive spent hundreds of dollars the past few months on different shoes, and frankly, they all suck for me. Ive tried Asics Kahana, I like them but Ive had 2 pair and...
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    New Addition To Our Toyota Stable

    Picked this little feller up today. 93 with 270k on the clock. Drove it 150 miles home. Ran like a champ. Bought for our soon to be 16 son. Twin to the one we got the older son 6 years ago only white. 22RE, with automatic. Almost rare as hens teeth. Have new Toyota shocks to go all around...
  17. 4runnerteq

    I Have An Opening for a Technician and a Maintenance/Lube Technician

    Im a service manager at a Toyota Dealership. Currently we are down 1 line tech & 1 maintenance/lube tech. Our shop stays very busy and is rapidly growing. I am looking for 2 individuals who can come in and go to work. Please feel free to pm me. Do not necessarily have to have Toyota experience...