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  1. Haf-E

    Large Solar array on a Bus

    We are getting the vehicles off to Burning Man coming from Canada through my town since we are on I-5 south of the border. Here is one I saw this morning - pretty good approach for fitting as much solar as possible on the roof of a bus - still allows ventilation and storage under it too.
  2. Haf-E

    Why can't someone offer this!

    Was looking for J8 photos for a post and found this: Why can't someone offer this? I love the troopy look with the raised top and big sliding window. The extra length would make the Jeep so much more useful.
  3. Haf-E

    Interesting Promaster "box" truck

    Thought this could be a cool option for a stealth expo rig - build a box inside the back and roll / tilt up the sides as canopies when camped - could also allow covered storage for bikes or a small side-by-side UTV even in the very back area - the cab over is a sleeping birth and it already has...
  4. Haf-E

    Sold - 1990 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon 4WD Doka Syncro Camper

    1990 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon 4WD Doka Syncro Camper - looks well done!
  5. Haf-E

    Cummins 2.8L Diesel "Repower" engine kit

    Cummins Reveals "Repower" Diesel Crate Engine Program at SEMA 2016 Scott Brady: With a new line of crate motors, Cummins will make all of our turbo-diesel dreams come true. In particular, this 2.8L CRD is amazing and will be right at home in your favorite Jeep, Land Rover, G-Wagen, or Land...
  6. Haf-E

    Happier Camper Trailer

    Looks interesting: Has a large rear hatch and a modular interior which can be used outside when camping. From their FAQ: Q:: WILL THERE BE AN OFF-ROAD VERSION OF THE HC1? A:: Yes! We are currently developing a beefed-up trailer with unique features designed...
  7. Haf-E

    Any news about the Gazell Jeep JKU camper from the Overland Expo?

    Was hoping to hear some news or see some photos of the Jeep JKU Gazell poptop camper from the Overland Expo - did it show up?
  8. Haf-E

    VANAPALOOZA. - June 11 Bellingham WA

    Just saw this - Bellingham's first VANAPALOOZA is Saturday June 11th starting at 3pm! It will be at 2101 Queen St and sponsored by NW European Autoworks & Kulshan Brewery (K2). VANAPALOOZA is a van rally celebrating the Pacific Northwest's love of all things Van. So bring your van and join the...
  9. Haf-E

    Galvanizing a Tow Bar Receiver?

    I have a rusty tow bar receiver and was wondering if having it hot dip galvanized is a good idea? The powder coating and paint seems to not last that long with the road spray and such. Any issue with this idea? There is a local place that does parts with a 100 lb minimum charge...
  10. Haf-E

    Interesting Pop-up Trailer on the back of a truck - from NW Mogfest 2015

    Saw this and thought someone might be interested - was at NW Mogfest 2015 in Sheridan OR and was pulling a Jeep LJ with Unimog 406 axles under it. Looks like the axles on the camper are from a 5 ton military or perhaps a MRAP - 10 bolt wheels with military beadlocks.
  11. Haf-E

    1990 Volkswagen Golf Country SYNCRO 4WD in the USA on Ebay

    1990 Volkswagen Golf Country SYNCRO 4WD Built by Steyr-Puch in Austria - same as the VW Vanagon Syncros - only about 500 made?
  12. Haf-E

    4WD Ford Transit - Quigley

    So I looked on Quigley's site and it turns out they had one of their 4WD Transit vans at Moab during the Jeep Easter week - anyone seen it? Here is the report from their website: 04/09/15 - The final...
  13. Haf-E

    Craigslist: 1984 Landrover Defender 130 QuadCab HCPU

    Seems like a deal on a decent truck - $45,000 CAD which is about $36,000 USD! This now very collectable factory Defender 130 Quad Cab, High Capacity Pickup, is made of extreme heavy duty components, including a high capacity pickup...
  14. Haf-E

    Leatherman wearable tool

    I thought this looks pretty cool:
  15. Haf-E

    new 2015 ford transit full size van

    Just got a call from my local ford dealer that they have 2 in stock. Pricing looks decent - about $30k to start but the high top adds about $5k and the 3.2L diesel adds another $6K - so it goes up quickly... The shortest version of the Ford has a 130 inch wheelbase vs 144 inches for the...
  16. Haf-E

    We're from France... Beauer3XCC Expandable Camper

    Here is something a bit different...
  17. Haf-E

    Single tracked off road "mule"

    Not sure what to call this thing - but it looks really fun and versatile... Watch it to the end where he shows various other versions of the same idea.
  18. Haf-E

    New Action Camper Design?

    Just happened to check the Action Camper website (showing it to a friend) and noticed a new "redesigned" version that is going to be the production version? It sure looks better to me - the pop-up is larger and goes straight up - and the spare tire is moved to the floor instead of over...
  19. Haf-E

    Michelin tire recall

    Saw in the paper this morning that Michelin is recalling 1.2 million tires in the US due to tread seperation concerns. Affected tires are LTX M/S 225/75/16 from 2010 to 2013. Report is on NHTSA website.
  20. Haf-E

    Dodge ProMaster / Fiat Ducato 4x4 conversion - Dangel

    Saw a posting about this conversion system - found their owner's manual and its really well written and has a lot of details on the system - English content starts on page 30. Its a viscous coupler...