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  1. richardoceros

    Fold out solar panel

    I have panels on my RV, it really is amazing. There's sooooo much to know when it comes to portable solar panels for RV use, right? Not everyone can benefit from a portable solar power system. In fact, there are a great number of RVers and campers that don't need any kind of solar system. I just...
  2. richardoceros

    Thermoelectric Coolers?

    For people who want to maximize their cooling power during events at home or at any location where they have an electric plug in, then they might want to consider an electric cooler. just having one for long trips is such a life saver. Some coolers only provide just that, a cooling sensation...
  3. richardoceros

    Best cooler for a 3 week trip?

    That's a long trip. I've had my share of trips and I know that coolers are quite handy and one of the main priorities of any trip. I would gladly share what I know. Not going to mention that ton of completely crappy coolers that I have bought. I currently use a Rubbermaid durachill wheeled...
  4. richardoceros

    Its a dream but a good dream !

    The truck is amazing. You have no idea how much I envy you! I need to save up so much for any kind of truck that I would like. Glad to see you got what you wanted.
  5. richardoceros

    Cappadocia Turkey

    Great adventure and amazing video! To visit Cappadocia my old dream to. I just wondering if you know any good place to find a vehicle for rent to explore this area or maybe any good guide in Turkey.
  6. richardoceros

    What stopped my hardside on Elephant Hill

    Oh, I can imagine what was the bill! Very sorry for you. Once I stuck completely in the mud after rain, I also had to call a tow truck to pick up my jeep.
  7. richardoceros

    My Journey

    Jerry, a few days ago I find this topic of your Journey. I really adored your story and great pictures. I jealous you because Capitol Reef National Park is my childhood dream. But I'm afraid of such a long journey and how to plan everything. May you share the most important thing to take with me...