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    Baja GPS software update (garmen)

    Folks getting ready for Xmas trip to Baja i have AAA map, Baja Almanac prob enought but am abit of a overkill guy :) Nuvi 1490t w/ sd card slot Garmen has a mexico deal but BiCi map sold by LB map appears to have the best one out there they have a 2011 update/edition any first hand...
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    Sceptor 2.5 gallon Gas Needed

    Folks Sceptor makes a 2.5 gallon gas plastic container called some places the "GI Runt" Have found them on websites and at Sceptors site However, have not found someone to buy them from Any sources?? thanx in advance bw
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    Headlight replacement MORE LIGHT

    Folks i have a 2001 Ford E350 SMB due to global warming, the ozone layer bad public works and Obamanomics i dont see as well at night :sombrero: Need: reccomendations to replace headlights reccomendations for street legal in California auxillary lights ???'s do i just pop in a new bulb? if...