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  1. Haf-E

    FS: Mercedes 207D Camper / Imported and Custom

    There is a very similar James Cook Camper van up here in the Bellingham WA area I heard is up for sale... it has a turbo 5 cylinder diesel, manual tranny and a ford 9 inch rear axle with LSD in it. It also has a passenger side slider door - which many of these do not (not sure why?)
  2. Haf-E

    Wanted: Space to Park Van for June (Seattle)

    There are several airport parking lots which will give a discount on longer term parking - not the highest security but reasonably safe in my opinion - especially if your rig is somewhat stealth - although I parked my unlocked Pinzgauer once for a 2 week trip without issue. Check with Doug Fox...
  3. Haf-E

    Why don't they sell the VW California in California (or the rest of the U.S.)?

    Note that the fuel economy in that article is in miles per imperial gallons and not US gallons - so the 42 MPG is actually 35 MPG in US gallons - still good but not as high as the (misleading) claims in the article. How do US based automotive writers keep making this same error in articles...
  4. Haf-E

    vivaro/trafic van 4x4 expedition build UK

    Nice - what country are you located in? Any issues with getting modifications approved there?
  5. Haf-E

    Super Duallies any good off-road

    Think about it - you rarely see military trucks with dual rear tires - they have all gone to single tires with multiple axles. Dually's work on highways - but are not good off-road.
  6. Haf-E

    Dry aluminum storage boxes for sale

    I think the dimensions are in inches as follows... 20-1/2 x 12-1/2 x 9-1/4 medium size is 22-1/4 x 14-1/2 x 10-3/4 large size is 30-1/4 x 16-1/2 x 13 extra large is 34-1/2 x 18-3/4 x 16
  7. Haf-E

    Do you know a good landrover 109 builder in Westcoast

    Perfect opportunity to use the Cunmins Repower kit - 2.7 liter turbo diesel engine.
  8. Haf-E

    1992 Toyota Hiace Diesel 4x4 Double Cab Doka

    Nice that it has single rear wheels and not the typical dually's... wonder how it is on the hills with the non-turbo engine though... probably about like a Vanagon!
  9. Haf-E

    Please send me some additional photos -

    Please send me some additional photos -
  10. Haf-E

    Pinzgauer 6x6 camper

    Please send or post more photos! Very Cool and I may know someone interested...
  11. Haf-E

    Sprinter Van with Toyota 3RZ: The "Sprint-Yota"!

    Its an interesting for idea - I thought about doing it with the Cummins Repower diesel kit though. Wouldn't it only be compliant unless the engine was of the same year or newer than the vehicle though? I don't think the Cummins would be compliant either - although there ate plenty of areas...
  12. Haf-E

    4x4 Sunrader Build Out

    I keep thinking you need to put the name "Amelia" on the front where it used to say "Sunrader" - Sort of like the name on Ken Kesley's bus "Further"
  13. Haf-E

    *SOLD* 1975 Volvo C303

    That is quite the exhaust pipe routing!
  14. Haf-E

    Land Rover Las Vegas' 1964 Forward Control

    Why did they put the generators in the middle of the truck and not in the very back end? The shelf for the VCR was really poorly made - embarassingly.
  15. Haf-E

    Cummins 2.8L Diesel "Repower" engine kit

    Not everyone needs a bigger engine and higher torque. I suspect that the smaller engine gets better MPG and weighs less - which is important for many potential customers.
  16. Haf-E

    MC4 connector incompatibility?

    I've heard there are issues with counterfeit connectors in the market - perhaps that is the reason. Have you tried putting some dielectric grease compound on it? Might help - worth trying...
  17. Haf-E

    Mazda MPV 4WD Sport, Anyone know these wagons?

    A buddy had a couple of these - they were surprisingly capable for a minivan type vehicle. The issue he had with them was that the transmissions seem to be the weak point and were expensive to rebuild. I don't think a lift would be very easy on these due to the type of front suspension - but I...
  18. Haf-E

    1991 310P, 4x4, Little bit of help needed, axle sourcing...

    Where is the truck - perhaps someone knows of a suitable fab shop which can straighten and reinforce the axle...
  19. Haf-E

    1991 310P, 4x4, Little bit of help needed, axle sourcing...

    When the axle broke could you drive it in 4wd? Full floating axles allow that. Gwagens don't have them so I would think not... But I guess it depends also on what part of the axle shaft broke - since there are two shafts with a CV joint in the middle. With a bent axle housing I would...
  20. Haf-E

    1991 310P, 4x4, Little bit of help needed, axle sourcing...

    One caution - apparently pre-1990 gwagens with the part time 4wd transfer case spin the front driveshaft in the reverse direction of normal axles... So a flipped center section / diff would be required for the front axle. Still might be cheaper than a gwagen axle.