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  1. Colby Jack

    Holy Expo-White Batman!!!

    Thanks to all the good info and feedback here on Expo, I pulled the trigger on an '07 Dodge CC SB with the 6.7L!!!:wings: This thing is a Rocket-ship compared to the half ton Silverado it replaced. I also went to town yesterday and placed my order for a high rise ARE cap with windoors...
  2. Colby Jack

    Dodge Cummins Short- Long Bed

    So I got the green light to shop for a 2006 Quad Cab Cummins. My dream is to have a flat bed set-up with a pop-up. I would like to get two utility boxes custom built for the top that would mimic the profile of the camper, giving me the storage of a utility bed without the insane cost of...
  3. Colby Jack

    It must be out there!

    Long timer, first timer here. I got caught last night researching pop-ups, and the wifey looks over and says, "So I guess we're gonna get a camper??? Just make sure we have a truck that can pull that and our boat without a problem." Am I lucky, or what???:wings: So I presently own a 2003...