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  1. Trail Monkey

    WTB Adventure Trailer

    I had a horizon in the past and currently have a chaser. At one point they also built me the first AT flatbed for a few motorcycles. The AT trailers are superb and worth the wait dealing with Mario and Martyn is excellent. I definitely see these units as a long term investment.
  2. Trail Monkey

    Jeep Cj7

    welcome. beautiful truck!
  3. Trail Monkey

    SOLD...... Awesome Adventure Trailer

    nice trailer. but not an Adventure Trailer.
  4. Trail Monkey

    2015 Isuzu NPR Crew cab 4x4 Ultimate Expo Vehicle

    With an earth cruiser on the back this would be sweet.
  5. Trail Monkey

    2016 Sportsmobile Sprinter 4x4 Hightop, RIP Kit, extended fuel, water & refer

    Truck is sold. Thanks to all for the inquiries. Safe travels
  6. Trail Monkey

    2016 Sportsmobile Sprinter 4x4 Hightop, RIP Kit, extended fuel, water & refer

    you are correct. the cb/ham, keypad entry were installed at SMB by their vendor. the below are other non SMB additions. Agile Offroad RIP suspension upgrade with wheels & tires, including custom front bumper winch warn zeon and full aluminum skid plates. Adventure Trailers installed secondary...
  7. Trail Monkey

    2016 Sportsmobile Sprinter 4x4 Hightop, RIP Kit, extended fuel, water & refer

    just completed the SMB vehicle inspection report with a local shop. all came up excellent but they noticed a small windshield chip otherwise great.
  8. Trail Monkey

    Agile RIP is unavailable - what are my alternatives?

    my experience with agile and the rip kit for my 2016 sportsmobile was excellent. the performance of my kit was even better. next to my friends stock smb on the same washboard road there wasnt even a comparison, he immediately got the rip kit when we returned.
  9. Trail Monkey

    2016 Sportsmobile Sprinter 4x4 Hightop, RIP Kit, extended fuel, water & refer

    2016 Sportsmobile 4x4 Hightop RB50 layout with only 4,200 miles. $139,000 available for a trip immediately. Stored indoors in Durango Colorado since new. Vehicle shows and operates as new and has exceptional options. very very small chip in windshield. Agile Offroad RIP suspension upgrade...
  10. Trail Monkey


    current photos this is a very nice rig. and sharing the travel photos is always welcome here! but for the purposes of sale it may be prudent to share some current photos focused on the trucks condition. and showing the rear door area deployed etc..
  11. Trail Monkey

    Jesse Bag Problem

    Anybody had their Jesse bag crack like this?? they have 13k miles on my GSA.
  12. Trail Monkey

    FS - Kimberley Karavan

    Bump for a piece of offroad art.
  13. Trail Monkey

    SOLD!! 2008 Jeep Rubicon 4-Door

    john, i hear loki is still loving your tent in Costa Rica... Dave from AEV reports.. take care...
  14. Trail Monkey

    EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles

    lance, it was killing me that you missed expo. i really wanted to peel thru the latest build again. desire builds when hands are on..
  15. Trail Monkey

    New GXV Fuso based vehicle

    i checked out this vehicle at flagstaff. it seemed to be really well layed out, and the finish work on the interior looked real nice. i wish the fuso had some more HP...
  16. Trail Monkey

    The Official 2012 Overland Expo thread!!! Post your comments, questions, images...

    driving me crazy we cant be there.. looks like a good time. greetings to all our friends. we are leaving for Trans Lab Highway Moto trip on June 3rd to close to do both... can someone post some sportsmobile fuso photos... thx Hope all goes well Jonathan and Roseann!
  17. Trail Monkey

    Conqueror Basecamp for Sale in New Jersey

    dalerider3 glad you were able to sell it. hope it went on to another nice guy..
  18. Trail Monkey

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Those are very nice. Remind me of my old H1.