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  1. CactusJackSlade

    Adventure Van Expo - Lake Tahoe, CA

    The Adventure Van Expo was a lot of fun and we saw way too many things we now need ;-) Just happen to pop up for a flight... can you count how many vans were there??! Lake Tahoe is always a draw for any type of event!
  2. CactusJackSlade

    (SOLD) 24" fiberglass hi-top for late model ('92-'14) Ford Extended E Series van

    EDIT: SOLD I sold my Quigley 4x4 e350 EXT Van and the buyer did not take the riser top... so it is for sale! They cost about $3300 absolutely bare bones to buy one here on the west coast. The one I have for sale looks very similar to these:"_Bubble_Tops.html...
  3. CactusJackSlade

    24" fiberglass riser top for last gen Ford E Series vans (extended model)

    OK Folks, I bought a riser top for my E350 EXT... and bought the mold as well. My rig is currently for sale here: Is there any interest in getting some...
  4. CactusJackSlade

    (SOLD) 2009 Ford E-350 EXT v10 4x4 Agile Quigley w/build out, 24" topper available

    Meticulously maintained, original paperwork from dealer and Quigley, extremely clean inside and out. Only reason we are selling is because we purchased our friends Sprinter (no lectures please ha,ha!) 2009 Ford E-350 SD EXT Quigley 4x4 v10 gas motor - 95,XXX miles Agile Offroad complete RIP kit...
  5. CactusJackSlade

    Can I change TPMS (tire pressure monitoring sensor) from Band type to valve type on 2009 Ford E350

    I believe my 2009 Ford E350 has the band type Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors, can I change them out to the valve type? It's time for new tires and the sensors are either broken or dead... either way they need to be changed out. I have aftermarket wheels with BFG A/T K02's on them. I'm getting...
  6. CactusJackSlade

    2002 Ford E350 4x4 v10

    If I didn't already have too many projects!!.... saw this on FaceBook market place:
  7. CactusJackSlade

    14" riser top for extended gen 3 Ford E-series vans - $100

    This is a smokin deal... if you have a gen 3 ford extended van. I was all set to drive up and pick it up... but found that the gen 3's ('83-'91) are about 4" wider and 2" longer on the roofline than the gen 4's ('92+) Hope this can find a home.... it's a great deal...
  8. CactusJackSlade

    roof line size for high top: 1988 (3rd gen) vs 2009 (4th gen)

    I was about to pick up a high top for my 2009 e350 extended and the measurements on this high top are 4"+ wider and 2"+ inches longer. This topper was for a 1988 extended model... Were the Gen 3's really like over 4" wider up top?... meaning the gen 4's curved inward at least 2" on each side...
  9. CactusJackSlade

    Agile Offroad Ride Improvement (RIP) Kit - What a difference!

    I thought I would start a NEW thread for the Agile Offroad RIP kit since the other one is VERY old and things have changed a lot since that old thread was created. Anyway on with this thread... I was experiencing the same issues as other Quigley converted 4x4's with the harsh ride and less...
  10. CactusJackSlade

    Inner fender well mud guards for E series vans?

    I've been looking and about to construct some very thorough inner fender well mud guards for my E350 4x4... the amount of mud that gets thrown all over is ridiculous and very hard to clean some of the areas. Does anyone make some (I see them for E Series TRUCKS) but I'm looking to do front AND...
  11. CactusJackSlade

    Is new 2019 Sprinter AWD or 4x4?

    I've been getting conflicting reports. I was just at the dealer and he says all 2019's will be full time AWD similar to their current 4matic system and that the gas mileage will probably suffer just a bit. Anybody know for sure if 4x4 like current 2018's or AWD as rumored??
  12. CactusJackSlade

    (SOLD) 2004 Nissan Titan LE Crewcab 4wd - with or without FlipPac camper shell

    (SOLD the full rig) We went with a van recently, so selling my truck setup. Sacramento/Central California area. 2004 Nissan Titan LE Crewcab 4wd with (or without) FlipPac camper shell. I've also got it listed on the local Craigslist with even more photos here...
  13. CactusJackSlade

    New hinge kits for your FlipPac will be available shortly from Sway-A-Way

    There was mention of this in the "FlipPac parts" thread, but I wanted to be sure everyone saw this :-) I have been helping Sway-A-Way who makes the replacement torsion bars for the FlipPac on re-designed replacement hinge sets. I have fitted the prototype blanks on my FlipPack and will be...
  14. CactusJackSlade

    Thin-Lite fluorescent to (white and red) LED conversion for less than $10

    EDIT: If you scroll down, I have modified my second light and it is even better than this first one ;-) I've been converting everything I can light wise to LED to cut down on battery usage... since I use my lights a fair amount they were on my hit list... My van, Ford E-350 Quigley with mild...
  15. CactusJackSlade

    Front end "alignment" on Quigley 4x4

    I've had my Quig 4x4 for a couple monnths now... it ha a slight pull to one side, not bad, but I'd like to get it aligned. Looking at the front end configuration I'm not seeing a lot that can be adjusted. is the toe and centering of the steering wheel about the only thing they can adjust on a...
  16. CactusJackSlade

    Who made the tent portion for FlipPac?

    Does anyone know where the FlipPac tents were made?... I was thinking that SLO Canvas and Sail (who makes the rain fly) might.... but they said they have no clue. They also said they get this question all the time :-/ SLO did say to really look around inside and see if there is a tag somewhere...
  17. CactusJackSlade

    Cut 1" off of front axle bump stop on Quigley 4x4 conversion?

    Maybe I'm being too simplistic in my thinking.... ...the Quigely 4x4 I have only has like 1.5". maybe 1.75" before you hit the rubber bump stop. The rubber stop is almost 2" tall... Very regularly I am bottoming out with this very limited travel (I can't believe Quigley would design something...
  18. CactusJackSlade

    Can someone cut me a FlipPac hinge set (or more)?

    As the title says... Can someone cut me a FlipPac hinge set (or more)? A couple members posted up they could do this.... but have not heard anything more. I would be interested in buying one or more sets and I bet if you put it out there others would be interested "just in case" as well. let...
  19. CactusJackSlade

    Ford E-350 Rear door ladder - which side?

    Who has rear door ladders?... Which side did you mount it and why? I'm thinking the drivers side, the one that stays closed more often (at least for me)... but what are the advantages/disadvantages to each side? Thanks in advance! CJS
  20. CactusJackSlade

    Bad (or loose) knuckle seal on Quigley 4x4 front diff?

    Hello All, (posted in Sportsmobile section as well - but thought this might be better location?) Recently picked up a Quigley 4x4 and although it has been maintained regularly (70K miles) I'm seeing something that could be amiss on the front diff knuckle joint - see photo - looks like the...