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    Gas can kill.

    Overland is new? Hmm... I musta been dreamin' all this time. 🤔
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    The ExPo Mountain Bike Photo Thread

    Using my Montague for local group rides while getting it dialed in. Went back to slicks for this, but I'll be mounting knobbies either tonight or tomorrow for the next "phase". I've been a roadie since I started seriously cycling, and need to work on my singletrack skills, at a nearby state park...
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    Surlys and Konas and Paratroopers, Oh MY!

    I pulled the VO saddle off and clamped on a Charge with a familiar shape. The VO is fine, but not really suited for a bike you expect some agility from. It may go on the tandem. The bike and I did quite well on last night's Trample group ride. While the breakaway group I joined were mostly on...
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    Surlys and Konas and Paratroopers, Oh MY!

    I don't like buying and selling bikes, cars, or much of anything... so I considered just finding a disc trucker fork for my Surly and running it 'mullet', with the cantis in back. I also considered doing the same for Jake. That's how the Montague came when I bought mine, and it actually doesn't...
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    Surlys and Konas and Paratroopers, Oh MY!

    Ooooh, yeah, baybee! Road ride in NM, on the Tour de Taco route.
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    Surlys and Konas and Paratroopers, Oh MY!

    Once upon a time, I went everywhere on my bike, a 2000 Kona Jake the Snake. A cyclocross bike, I swapped in some skinnier road tires and a wider rear cogset/mech and ended up with a great all-around do-everything bike. A marriage, kid, and 170 lbs later (didn't hardly ride at all during that...
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    Concealed Carry - What Have You Got?

    XDs .45, appendix IWB with a Sticky holster most of the time.
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    What do you use for a truck gun?

    Depends on where I am and where I'm going. I generally don't want to leave an expensive rifle in my vehicle if I'm out of it for a while, so it's usually a bagged Rossi combo (.22/.410). If I'm around here in the Southeast, and gonna be in the woods a bit, I might take my Marlin .44 levergun...
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    2004 suburban build

    Living in the South has its disadvantages, but I do love that my Burb isn't a rusted mess underneath. Originally from NM, so rust is even less an issue back home. :)
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    Bucky's slightly older cousin.

    They are pretty strong :D I'm ok with that. Though I'll let my wife drive my Burb, I don't mind if she decides it's too much trouble. (Don't tell her I said that)
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    Bucky's slightly older cousin.

    Got tired of holding up the hatch and rear window, and ordered some gas struts. Working great now.
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    Bucky's slightly older cousin.

    Oy, sorry. I missed that there'd been another post on this thread. If you still need to know, here's a short video explaining the pump rub issue.
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    Jack's 2007 Chevy Build

    Wait... so it hasn't 'sploded yet... killing MILLIONS??? Wow... who'da'thunk! :p Nice rig, man. I have a 2004 Burb with 210,000 miles on the clock so far, and still solid.
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    post your Suburban pics

    Dogmann, I think some GM trucks came with a Z71 package in 2wd, with a G80 in the rear. I kinda liked the idea, for the improvement over open 2wd, and simplicity over 4wd. Mine is a Z71 4x4, which comes with the G80 (some like it, some don't) rear.
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    Transitioning bikes

    Your Trek can take a new fork with disc mounts, between that and a disc-capable wheel, you aren't out as much as a good new bike. Either suspension or solid fork, depending on your preference... Since most of your braking is up front anyway, it won't matter so much if you're running "Mullet"...
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    Electric Bike And Drone

    I had considered a hub motor for the front of my Montague Paratrooper, making it effectively a 2wd bike... even toyed with the idea of powering both ends. Between that and something stow-able, like a Mavic Pro or my XJ470 (properly built for compactness), I can see this being a very effective...
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    Depth sensing for fording

    No tech like old tech, eh? :D
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    1986 GMC S-15

    Just a note about the cool teardrop camper you photographed a few pages back: It's available as a kit from Chesapeake Light Craft. They're a popular outfit for boats, but came out with this fairly recently.
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    Depth sensing for fording

    Sorry if I didn't search well enough, but haven't run across this here yet. I've heard some new higher-end trucks have fording sonar built in now, and wonder if anyone here has tried a more DIY approach, either using an off the shelf sonar (modified or otherwise) or some other means of testing...
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    post your Suburban pics

    Bob, in da woods. (oops... already posted this. I need to get more pics!)