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  1. sixbennetts

    Pump choices - Eccotemp L5 water heater

    Looking for a lightweight 12vdc pump to use for shower/dishes with the Eccotemp L5. Maybe even small and light enough to bolt to the side of the unit. Unit calls for 40-80 psi, and flow rate of 1.5 gpm. Thanks all
  2. sixbennetts

    1975 Volvo Tgb11 (Mil version of C303)

    *SOLD* 1975 Volvo Tgb11 62,000 miles Asking $17,000 for a quick sale, exchanges considered, (see below) Plattsburgh NY, (1 hour south of Montreal, 2 hours north of Albany, or an hour west of Burlington VT) Engine and tranny rebuilt by Swedish army before sale to me New clutch New...
  3. sixbennetts

    Vvollvo tgb11
  4. sixbennetts

    Looking for a beat up old 45 Colt shooter

    Nevermind. Forgot, no gun sales. Sorry.
  5. sixbennetts

    Rock and Roll beds?

    We're installing the lid from a FlipPac camper on the roof of our Tgb11 in the spring which will give us a queen size bed up top. But I'd also like to install some kind of couch/bed in the far back. I've seen them with seatbelts so it could still be used for passengers, but having a place...
  6. sixbennetts

    Can a compass be fixed? It points south...

    Bought a compensated vehicle compass on Ebay. It has the n-s and e-w screws to adjust it on the bottom. Tried adjusting it both inside and outside the truck and I can get it to swing a little in both directions, but it's still 180° off, and points south instead of north. Junk, or fixable?
  7. sixbennetts

    Brand new National air-ride seats - LOADED!

    I just listed these on E*Bay if anybody's interested. I'll gladly sell them here for $900 to anybody here. Edit: Too late. There are bids. If you want them you'll have to outbid...
  8. sixbennetts

    Outback Stove?

    Any reviews or thoughts? I like the toaster in the middle. http://
  9. sixbennetts

    Water cooler parts?

    We all see them. Some have them in our homes. They run on 110 VAC. They take room temperature water from a big upside down clear plastic jug and turn it into VERY cold or VERY hot water, right? Anybody ever crack one open, strip the parts, and make an in-vehicle water heater/cooler that'll run...
  10. sixbennetts

    24 volt dual batt Q's.

    Truck is an ex Swedish army Volvo Tgb111C with a 24 volt system. It has 2 12 volt, 100 amp batteries. Can I just install a cut-off between the two batteries for the night, using one for house to run fridge, lights, etc., then reconnect them, start the truck, and recharge the house one while...
  11. sixbennetts

    Xhose retracting hose This looks promising. Wonder if it gives your water a funny taste. I imagine it'll pick up a bunch of dirt as it retracts, but it looks like it packs small and light.
  12. sixbennetts

    WTB: Military Michelins for a vet with cancer

    Hey guys, Looking for a set of 5 Michelin XS, (or other X series, XML, XZL, XCL, XL, etc.), tires in size 9.00R16 or 315/75R16, or close to 35" tall and narrow. At least 50% tread left is good. I'm in far northeast NY state near Canada. I have terminal cancer, and a couple years of...
  13. sixbennetts

    New member needs help in San Diego.

    Hey folks, Made a post a few days ago about making a Volvo C303 expo rig with a custom FlipPac on top. Found a truck in San Diego, but I'm in upstate NY. Tight budget, no money for a flight to look at it, so I need somebody in San Diego who's familiar with these trucks to check it out for me.