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    Surlys and Konas and Paratroopers, Oh MY!

    Once upon a time, I went everywhere on my bike, a 2000 Kona Jake the Snake. A cyclocross bike, I swapped in some skinnier road tires and a wider rear cogset/mech and ended up with a great all-around do-everything bike. A marriage, kid, and 170 lbs later (didn't hardly ride at all during that...
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    Depth sensing for fording

    Sorry if I didn't search well enough, but haven't run across this here yet. I've heard some new higher-end trucks have fording sonar built in now, and wonder if anyone here has tried a more DIY approach, either using an off the shelf sonar (modified or otherwise) or some other means of testing...
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    Bucky's slightly older cousin.

    I brought my "new" Suburban home yesterday, a 2004 Z71. The really good news: I reset the mpg meter on the DIC on the way home, and by the time I shut her down in the driveway, I had an average of 19.5. Woot! Huzzah for a light right foot! (I was doing around 70 on the mostly freeway commute)...