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    Yeah? I was thinking 4.88s. We traded today for a 96 with 314k on it. Original owner. Daylight and dark on power between it with 265/70s and mine with 285/75s
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    We have a 3rd gen 4runner with 225k miles and a 4th gen limited 4runner 4.7 with 180k miles. Had the 3rd for almost 18 years. For the past 7 or 8 years it's been our "fun" rig. Light offroading, camping, & in the past 2 years pulling the teardrop. Needs the valve cover gaskets replaced (standard...
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    **Rickashay's Sleeping Platform - 3rd Gen 4Runner

    Saw these a while back. Might be handy for you.
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    4runner / LC / Sequoia questions

    True that. I see so many GXs it is the first to come to my mind. LX470 good to go
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    4runner / LC / Sequoia questions

    The 470 is due for a timing belt at 90k. If it hasn't been done your looking $1000 to $1500 for timing belt, water pump & drive belts. That's going to be the same for LC in that vintage and the Sequoia. They all run the same engine until you get into an 07 Sequoia, then you get the 5.7 with no...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Nice . 2nd gens are pretty cool. Saw you at Expo a couple times and talked with you a couple years back when you were passing through Paducah, KY. Miss my 2nd gen sometimes.
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    Thinking of going from Tacoma to 4Runner

    My story. About 15 years ago I was taking a group of Scouts on a cross state trip. It was supposed to rain that weekend, so I took the wifes 4runner instead of the truck. It rained and when we got there all our stuff was dry and nice. A few months later I sold the truck and never looked back. I...
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    How to price a rusted Tacoma?

    Don't knock off anything. Price that Taco full boat retail. Those trucks bring crazy money still. Be up front about the rust and let the buyer make an offer. If you can live with the offer let it go. You can always come down on price as needed.
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    JLU worth car payments?

    Nothing is worth the car payment. The cheapest car to have anytime is the one you already own. Yeah, it's always nice and fuzzy when you first get the new, but that quickly fades. If it's just time and you're replacing some unreliable POS might be different. Or if you have plenty of money to...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Man, awesome build on that rig. How well thought out
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    2002 Tacoma Build

    Love those trucks
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    Latest Photo?

    There cant be that many around I wouldn't think
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    Latest Photo?

    Sweet Cruiser. By any chance were you going through Kentucky a few weeks back? Passed one with roof like yours
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    The redneck overland tundra

    Those early Tundras are pretty hard to beat. 4.7 is awesome.
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    TetonX Hybrid

    Sweet there brother
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    Bantam T3-C build in progress

    Sweet trailer. My M416 hasn't been out of the garage since we bought the SoCal 2 years ago. But heck, it still gets to live in the garage and the SoCal stays outside. Maybe one day one of my boys will want it.
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    Re-gear & Front ARB Costs?

    Reach out to these guys Do an exchange and be done. One of these that's what I plan to do