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  1. RememberTheFallen

    Replace Engine or Move onto Newer Van?

    Hello, I haven't been on here much because I have been out enjoying the van and working hard on my knife business. Unfortunately, having some engine issues now and would appreciate some advice. On the way back from a 3200 mile road trip to the MotoGP race the engine in my 2004 e350 developed...
  2. RememberTheFallen

    Need Help with Bicycle Rack on back of E350!

    As time is running out to finish my van before our big trip I need help with ideas on carrying our bicycles. I need to save money so a $$$ Thule or Yakima is out. I want the two bikes (a hybrid and my mtn bike) on the back to keep clean and not restrict airflow/light in the front. The bikes...
  3. RememberTheFallen

    E series Van Sleep Platform

    *Now FREE to a good home! Kinda odd part to try and sale but moving and need it gone. It is a custom 1" square metal tube frame with 3/4" plywood platform covered in indoor/outdoor carpet. Can supports at least 400lbs (Wife and myself). Made it to bolt into factory seat location to...
  4. RememberTheFallen

    Max Tire no lift (sorry!)

    Sorry to ask this annoying question again but Discount Tire is running a deal this weekend and I want to purchase the 235/85r16 BFG ATs but do no have my moog springs installed yet. I can save $175 in the tires if I buy now. Question is will I be able to get away with using a tire that big for...
  5. RememberTheFallen

    Garage Clean Out! Hammock, Cot, Jetboil, other stuff

    ALL ITEMS SOLD! of trying to list it all separately I will keep it simple and post it all here. Hennessy Hammock Ultralight Asym Explorer (no tarp) This is the tall version $100 Teton Outfitter XXL cot $65 Jetboil PCS original version Still works fine $40 Coleman...
  6. RememberTheFallen

    FS: Rotopax 4 gallon gas container

    SOLD! 4 gal Rotopax fuel with free flow nozzle. Carried in the truck a few times but has never had fuel in it. $Now $65! In NW Georgia. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. RememberTheFallen

    FS: Nicely Done Chuckbox

    The truck is long gone and time to clean out the garage. Unfortunately I have to get rid of this awesome chuckbox a friend and I made. Solid wood, not ply. Made to fit a Coleman stove up top and Dutch oven to bottom right. $195 In Cartersville, Georgia. Shipping is out due to size...
  8. RememberTheFallen

    FS: CVT 48" Awning

    Sold! Bought this two years ago and used it once before I sold my Tacoma. Need a longer one for the side of my van. Excellent shape. No rips or tears. $200 PayPal gift or plus 4%. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. RememberTheFallen

    7 Amazing Days On KLR's In Chile!

    Several months ago my friend Daniel (Zolo on this forum) posted on Facebook about starting a motorcycle touring company in Chile. Then a couple weeks later he asked friends for help in getting the bikes broken in and testing some of the routes. Fortunately I have an amazing wife that immediately...
  10. RememberTheFallen

    Critique my van interior layout please!

    Trying to finalize my interior layout for my RB, standard roof E350. Finally have a laptop so I have been playing around on Sketchup. I am a noobie to it but so far it has been extremely useful for determining layout and that certain ideas that worked in my head don't work in reality. The...
  11. RememberTheFallen

    Help Finding Full Float Axle for 03 E350?

    Hello, I am trying to find either a D60 FF or Sterling 12.5 that will be a direct swap into my 03 E350 that originally came with a semi float D60. I want the ability to run a limited slip without having to spend the money on a regear and ARB. So a axle with 4.10 gears and limited slip...
  12. RememberTheFallen

    2003 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x4

    SOLD!!!! 2003 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD 4WD. Low mileage at 86k. Complete Turn Key Expedition Ready Truck! 3.4L V6 Auto transmission Power locks and Windows Cruise Control Factory E-locker Non smoker Was $18,900 now $17,400 one and only price drop! (roof top tent has been sold to a...
  13. RememberTheFallen

    Hacking into Factory Over Rear Lights?

    Sorry to start a new thread but wasn't having any luck when I asked in my pitiful build thread. I have an 03 E350 passenger van that has three sets of factory overhead interior lights. Planning out my house battery and all of my electrical stuff and got to the lights. I want to be able to use...
  14. RememberTheFallen

    ARB 50qt Fridge Atlanta

    Keeping it, mods please delete.
  15. RememberTheFallen

    Chest Style or Front Open Fridge for Van?

    Tried searching this topic but couldn't anything recent that was helpful. I have started converting my regular body E-350 for camping and trying to decide on the fridge. Right now I plan on having a fixed 80x50 bed from the back drivers corner with a cabinet running the rest of the width down...
  16. RememberTheFallen

    Tubs: My 2004 E350 Build

    So I finally joined club and bought a van yesterday. Thanks to Eric (86Scotty) for looking at the ad and giving me advice. Thanks to kennyj and many more of you on Portal for giving me the inspiration to get into the campervan life! The Van is a 2004 E350 XLT passenger model with the 5.4 V8...
  17. RememberTheFallen

    WTT: ARB 50qt For Your 37qt.

    I would like to trade my one year old ARB 50qt fridge for a smaller 37qt model. The wife and I started using a small cooler up front for drinks and do not fill the 50 up now. Also the wife is a little too short to see in and get stuff out where I have it mounted. The 3 inch shorter 37qt model...
  18. RememberTheFallen

    Do I really NEED a 7.3L E350?

    Good evening, I have been looking at Ford Econoline cargo vans to transform into a stealth camper as many of you have done. Got all crazy about it several years ago but decided to stick with my Tacomas instead. Van bug has bit me again though I have decided on an Econline. From what...
  19. RememberTheFallen

    Tacoma Grinding, No Power, Horrible MPG, Help!

    I had a bunch of great replies and help when I couldn't figure out what to do with my sliders so I figured I would see what you all thought about this problem. Something "happened" to my truck last fall and it has been driving me nuts ever since. Coming back from Overland Expo my truck just...
  20. RememberTheFallen

    Body Resting On Rock Sliders. Solutions?

    So I shortened the rock sliders that I had cut off of my old tacoma and put them on my new tacoma. I tack welded everything in place and checked for clearance between the tube and bottom of the body. Had at least 1/2". When I went o finish welding I noticed the plate wasn't flush against the...