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  1. Colby Jack

    2018 Chevy Express 2.8 Duramax

    Hope you start a build thread. Sounds like an awesome project!
  2. Colby Jack

    4th Gen Camping/Storage System - DIY- Free plans!

    So impressed with this setup and idea of sharing with a great community!!!! Great work. Hoping this trend continues!
  3. Colby Jack

    03 Tundra (Re)Build

    Would you mind commenting on the effectiveness of your bumper-mounted lights? I see these cubes installed all the time and wonder how the beam spread works for you? Would you post some night time shots???
  4. Colby Jack

    Pelfreybilt Off-Road ::: Product Info, Sales, Support, Etc.

    Beautiful work! I hope that you will consider working into the 100 & 200 series for bumpers and racks. Your products look great!
  5. Colby Jack

    100 Series Grill

    Any plans to produce a LX model?
  6. Colby Jack

    2003 100 Series build - my first Cruiser

    Would you mind sharing what rack that is? Looks awesome. Build thread?
  7. Colby Jack

    AWD Chevy 1500 Adventure Van

    Do you have a link to that bed? What is the width?
  8. Colby Jack

    4x4 Roadtrek Tundra - Mercedes Sprinter Van

    Love that color. Nice pic regardless. You think sprinters flex? Hahaha. You funny Dr Jones.
  9. Colby Jack

    2004 Chevy Astro AWD Build: Lifted - CCV Poptop

    Geek, maybe I missed it... what is your overall height at this point?
  10. Colby Jack

    cupboards from your canopy window / windoor

    Do you have a link to any build threads? I think this is a fabulous addition to any rig. I have windoors on my pickup canopy, and one of them has a tool box suspended by yakima tracks on the roof. It takes up too much space in the bed. Thinking something like you've made in an Astro van would be...
  11. Colby Jack

    MAN 9136 FAE 4WD. Our new camper truck

    Love this build!!!!!
  12. Colby Jack

    Gnarvan AWD Express build.

    Sounds great! Living at sea level I don't imagine I would have the fuel/air issues you guys have had. Did you ever get the thermostat figured? Loving your interior build!
  13. Colby Jack

    Gnarvan AWD Express build.

    Did you have any other issues when installing your body lift? Astro vans require parking brake cable relocation and bumpers get mounted up further. I see you did a sleeve extension on your steering shaft. Also-- Long term review of your webasto heater? Would you do it again? Is it worth...
  14. Colby Jack

    2004 AWD Chevy Express 1500 - First Van!

    Looks Great!!! keep the pics coming!
  15. Colby Jack

    Van Clothes Closet - How deep to be useful? Alternatives?

    For S&Gs Herbie, how wide is your bench seat presently?