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  1. LilPoppa

    Front Runner Rack (1255mm×1762mm)

    Damn, that's a good deal. Somebody buy this thing. They're awesome racks.
  2. LilPoppa

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Oh man, I did not like this part. Did you camp at Devil's Kitchen?
  3. LilPoppa

    New Jeep - Gladiator Rubicon

    This dealer is adding some extra costs as well. I was at a dealer in Surrey BC a couple weeks ago, and their new JLs were going for up to $78,000. I just "Build Your Own"'d one online and came to $57,00 CAN. I looked at their stock before I got my JKUR and they were asking for more than $10,000...
  4. LilPoppa

    Canyonlands Area Trip 10.27 - 10.28.17

    Beautiful pics. Utah is so breathtaking and Canyonlands...ugh. So amazing. We're in Costa Rica right now for a month, and I was talking to some Ticos the other day about their upcoming Spring trip to the US. They're going to California, but I tried hard to convince them to make the trip to Utah...
  5. LilPoppa

    BOTSWANA 2018

    That looks amazing. I'm pretty sure that's going to be our trip next year.
  6. LilPoppa

    Hiker trailer custom 11’ Extreme Terrain

    Cool man. How does the Jeep do pulling it? Have you taken it on any questionable roads yet?
  7. LilPoppa

    Southern Utah Locals Feelings on the Removal of Protected Status

    I've been thinking about the removal of Bear Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante from National Monument status. From what I understand as a Canadian, the area is now open to mineral exploration where before it wasn't(?). I was a little disappointed at first. We had gone down to Utah last...
  8. LilPoppa

    2018 Easter Jeep Safari Concepts

    I think the B-Ute Renegade is cool. I took a Trailhawk for a test drive and really liked it. The sales rep could tell, because when I came back she was trying to convince me to take it for the weekend. With a wee little lift and a roof rack, it would make a fun vehicle.
  9. LilPoppa

    Want to go 4 wheeling with the whole, extended family, these are for you!

    "You cannot find a vehicle with more interior space than this one", yeah I bet man, hahaha.
  10. LilPoppa

    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    So seats and carpet out and bedliner the whole interior or just the cargo space? What's the idea there?
  11. LilPoppa

    Nicaragua 4X4 Recommendations (And an Jimny Question)

    Thanks for the info, guys. I made a cardboard mockup of the dimensions of the Jimney cargo space and I think it will work.
  12. LilPoppa

    Pronghorn Rear Bumper Coming Soonish

    Dang that looks good, Haficon. Did you (or are you going to) get the winch case? I've been saving some money because I want to get this (and hopefully the rear bumper) as well as a bit of a lift, but I accidentally bought some plane tickets to Nicaragua. Looks like I'll be doing a bit of overtime.
  13. LilPoppa

    Pronghorn Rear Bumper Coming Soonish

    Pronghorn mentioned on their website that they have a rear bumper for the JK, but I couldn't find any info on it. I sent them an email and got this reply: "The Omega A/T Twin is aluminum construction, like the Alpha A/T, and will feature the GearMount accessory mounting system allowing the...
  14. LilPoppa

    Nicaragua 4X4 Recommendations (And an Jimny Question)

    Haha, nice. We'll probably stick to 4 people. We've gone on road trips with our little hatchback, so I was thinking it may be similar. I don't mind getting something bigger but I really want to rip around in a tiny 4x4.
  15. LilPoppa

    Nicaragua 4X4 Recommendations (And an Jimny Question)

    I noticed a few places that rent 4X4's in Nicaragua. Does anybody here have any experience with a particular outfit? And now that you're here, who's seen the inside of a Suzuki Jimny? Do you think 2 adults and 2 kids with backpacks would be too tight?
  16. LilPoppa

    which of the three racks?

    I've had a Frontrunner full rack since shortly after I bought my Jeep. Installation was pretty straight-forward, although drilling holes in the hard-top is stressful. It's a pretty handy system with lots of accessories. I actually just put together my own brackets with whatever I can find at the...
  17. LilPoppa

    FarOutVan: Ford Transit 2016 DIY campervan conversion for MTB & splitboarding

    Nice. Check out Schweitzer in Idaho on your way North, if you can. It's a cool little mountain.
  18. LilPoppa

    FarOutVan: Ford Transit 2016 DIY campervan conversion for MTB & splitboarding

    Where are you headed? BC's been getting dumped on the last week or so, but it's cooooollllllld.