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    When it's time to sell, do you leave your rig as-is, or pull parts for the next build (if you can)?

    Typically I leave everything EXCEPT electrical. At a minimum, I usually pull the main supply wire from the house batteries to the distribution block. For some reason I am uncomfortable with selling a vehicle with heavily modified/added battery and electrical systems. In 300k+ miles of van...
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    1990 Dodge B Series Chinook

    Not affiliated , but someone needs this!
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    Chevy/GMC 4x4 Van - Fuel Mileage

    Thanks. Does yours have the 3" lift, or is it stock height?
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    Chevy/GMC 4x4 Van - Fuel Mileage

    Hey All - I have been hunting for a new van for a while and am very close to pulling the trigger on a 2017 or newer GMC/Chevy Cargo Van to convert. I have not been able to find much information on real world fuel mileage for any 4x4 converted GM vans. Can anyone tell me your MPGs and typical...
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    Newbie here: Please school me on NV 3500 4x4 conversions.

    I believe Tim Dahle uses Advanced for their Nissan conversions, but I could be wrong. I was just at Advanced over lunch hour today doing my own research and believe I saw some Tim Dahle window stickers on the lot as I walked around. I haven't used advanced yet, but after seeing the shop and...
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    Wall Mounted Vent Fan

    Ha, no no no. The house rule is no dogs heavier than my wife. We have a lab/great dane mix and a lab/mastiff mix that are both a large build. They are slightly under that 200# mark but they hit it fast when its not biking season and they arent running frequently.
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    Wall Mounted Vent Fan

    Hi All - After a few years of van use, I didn't think we needed or wanted a roof vent, so i didn't install one during our last rebuild. I am looking to put in a fan now after our last 10 day trip and the van getting stale with 2 humans and 200 lbs. of dog. I don't want to cut into the finished...
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    SLC Area Transit 4x4s

    @Gravity -Thanks! Some of my favorite riding is up that way. PM heading your way.
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    SLC Area Transit 4x4s

    Thanks 86scotty. I will be sure to reach out Crewvanman during my research.
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    SLC Area Transit 4x4s

    Yep, what grampswrx said... I dont hate it. But I am getting to the point where, for most of our travels, its capabilities just arent necessary. I might as well look into options that will make the drive time more pleasant and safe. The e350 looks badass and can get nearly anywhere i want...
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    SLC Area Transit 4x4s

    It's an option. I tend to move at a snails pace so I am sure it will make the list. As far as stocking Quigley dealers... I haven't been able to find much in Utah that stays on the lot long enough!
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    SLC Area Transit 4x4s

    Hi All - I am starting to get some wanderlust and thinking of swapping our E350 Quigley for a new Transit 4x4. We have come to realize that 99.5% of our van time is spent on highways, ski resort shuttling, or BLM desert roads here in Utah. The capability (and lack of comfort) of the E350 just...
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    Hunting for a tonneau friendly rack

    I had a Silverado a few years back and I wanted to save my tonneau. I mounted Yakima tracks on top of the bed rails and built up off of that. I wasn't looking for cabover capability though so that may add a challenge. I can't find any photos. If I do I'll post them. Not exactly what you're...
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    Transit on Expo Trails?

    I have an '02 E350 RB V10 with a Quigley conversion and Agile RIP kit (meaning 6 inches lifted total) on 33s. I've run white rim several times, and most of Kokopelli as well as some other road/trails. I have yet to have to put it into 4wd on a trail. But I also don't try to crawl with it. It...
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    Real MPGs for your rig?

    2002 Ford E350 RWB. V10 with About 100k miles on it. Quigley 4wd with Agile RIP kit and 33s. 8500# as built and fully loaded. 10mpg with a tail wind. 10mpg with a trailer at 80+mph, uphill... Both ways.
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    Better front rotors for 2001 Quigley E350?

    I have been considering trying this swap. Not sure if anyone has experience with it or if it's more than youre looking for... But an option. Not affiliated. Just interested. I have an '02 with the K series single piston and it's just scary...
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    How did your penthouse top change your van?

    Thanks for all the input. I take it that whether I choose a a pop top or a fixed top, I'll have no regrets. I have looked at some hardtops and have not ruled them out. At this moment, I am trying to keep the van to a max height of 8'. Between that and the fact that I am 6'5" and I wont be...
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    How did your penthouse top change your van?

    Hey All - A pretty broad question, I know. And I have done plenty of searching here and on many other forums/sites. But I am hoping someone can provide a little insight into how adding a penthouse changed their van camping experiences. A little backstory: The wife and I bought the van back...
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    Van Pogo-ing...

    Around 1k miles on the RIP kit. I am up to 65 psi front and 75 psi rear right now.