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  1. Michael Slade

    Vanagon Owners - check your wiring...

    Apparently they are prone to 'shorts'. Please act accordingly. I cried when I saw the photo.
  2. Michael Slade

    Two Summer Solo Exhibits - Utah

    I am pleased to announce two upcoming solo exhibits of mine this summer. The first is work from my Great Salt Lake Photographic Survey. The work that I will be exhibiting has not been shown before and has a piece from 1998 as well as current work. All of the nineteen prints are from film...
  3. Michael Slade

    My new enlarger

    Its' a 60-minute long video, but some of you might get a kick out of seeing a 9-foot tall 8x10 enlarger that weighs 400lbs. CLICK HERE.
  4. Michael Slade

    Photography Challenge - 9/11 portraits, ten years later

    I am throwing down the gauntlet and officially inviting all of you 'photographers' out there to join in with my Documentary and Editorial photography class on their first assignment of the semester. Here it is: September 11 Portraits - ten years later 3 portraits 3 separate people no groups...
  5. Michael Slade

    Nikon Nerds - today is the day...

    Be careful Nikon shooters. Your wallets will be tempted... The Coolpix announcement is the first of several coming your way.
  6. Michael Slade

    Speed Graphic on the Mormon Trail

    Here are a few shots with the Speed Graphic from a recent trip I did with a youth church group doing a re-enactment on the Mormon Trail. At least one double-exposure...whoops! But, I kind of like it with the 'mistake'. I'll consider it a happy accident.
  7. Michael Slade

    What is wrong with this picture? - warning, possibly offensive content

    Spotted on I-15, northbound in SLC this afternoon.
  8. Michael Slade

    Tear-drop camping trailer...old school...with Land Rover Series III

    The trailer is definitely for sale...the Land Rover is also negotiable. No affiliation... Teardrop trailer and Land Rover
  9. Michael Slade

    Pelican 1660 Case with Foam - Black - $175 - SLC, UT

    Not mine, but I was considering getting it... Very nice, very new Pelican 1660 Case with Foam - Black .
  10. Michael Slade

    Bathroom Darkroom

    I started processing my back-log of film last night. I cobbled together some equipment I found used locally so that I can process my film in lieu of having an 'official' darkroom. I am using a Unicolor mechanical roller base, a Jobo 3005 tank that will hold 5 8x10 sheets of film. I have...
  11. Michael Slade

    Lightroom at Utah Valley University

    Hey Gang, Summer semester starts this Saturday, and I know there have been a LOT of folks asking about Lightroom. I am teaching two classes of Lightroom this semester, and it is aimed towards photography majors. We will cover everything from basic to advanced camera operation, blogging, color...
  12. Michael Slade

    FS - Speed Graphic w/lens - $300

    Here's a camera for those who have been considering trying out large format. Speed Graphic 4x5 camera (849363) Kodak Ektar 127mm lens (normal for a press camera) (EI1970) Graphic Supermatic shutter (speeds are OK-ish...) Custom shutter release cable/button Graflok back Camera is a...
  13. Michael Slade

    Chicken Harvest - Film from last summer

    Chicken Harvest, Summer 2010
  14. Michael Slade

    WTB: Hassy 500 c/m, 80 & 150

    I figured since there were so many into photography on the board, I'd start here with my query. Looking for a Hassy c/m, preferably chrome with an 80 and hopefully I can also find a 150 as well. Anyone with a nice model sitting in a closet collecting dust? Wouldn't you rather have it out...
  15. Michael Slade

    Feeler: Nikkor 300 2.8 D AF-S + TC-14E

    This lens, the teleconverter and a Lightware case seem to be just sitting in my basement and not getting much use. I bought it new in the late 90's and have babied it ever since. Glass is perfect. Carbon fiber lens hood. Light marks from usage. Condition is EX++ Anyone interested? I'm...
  16. Michael Slade

    Photographer is swept to sea and killed today...

    Is that shot worth your life? I don't think so. HERE'S A LINK.
  17. Michael Slade

    Leica and the Jews

    I just got a new 8x10 camera, but now I want a Leica. WATCH THIS and you will want one too.
  18. Michael Slade

    8x10 Canham Camera - is anyone interested... a review? I have been shooting with it for about 4-5 days now and haven't shot any images of the camera and was wondering if anyone is interested in seeing it or how it works. If no one is then I'll just shoot. If you guys want to see it, then I'll write something up.
  19. Michael Slade

    OFFICIAL "Snow-i-cane" photo thread

    It's sunny and 34 deg. here in Salt Lake. I wanna see some snow pics from this storm in the northeast. Post up! :Wow1::Wow1::Wow1::Wow1::Wow1:
  20. Michael Slade

    Presenting at Sundance Film Festival

    I'm doing at least one, perhaps two separate presentations about my various documentary photography projects at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah next week. If anyone is in town and would like a more complete schedule of times and locations, let me know. I will be talking about...