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    $200 FWC Grandby

    Not mine and needs work but could be a great camper with some love.
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    2008 GMC Topkick 5500 4X4

    Looks like a good platform to throw a camper on the back and go wherever you want.
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    International MXT

    Not mine but I have never seen one before......not cheap :Wow1:
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    2006 Tundra Crew Cab V8 4WD SR5 - 106k Miles

    2006 Toyota Tundra SR5 Crew Cab V8 4wd Automatic - Green - Only 106XXX miles. Timing belt and Water pump changed with ASIN/OEM parts. Lower Ball joints changed for preventative maintenance (they were not needed) with grease-able replacements. All maintenance up to date with new synthetic fluids...
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    New OME 884's, Stock 2006 Tundra Coil and Top Hat.

    New (mounted but not run) 884 coils. SOLD Stock 2006 tundra double cab coils. 80K miles. $40 plus shipping Stock strut top caps for 2006 tundra, 80k Miles. $50 plus shipping. Thanks. PM for contact and shipping quote. Located in Reno, NV
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    2006 F450 4X4 Ambulance for <30G

    Not mine, no affiliation. This would be a sweet starting point for a camper. Another 4X4 Ambulance already started:
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    Nice 66 Diesel Land Cruiser

    Expensive but nice.
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    1983 Toyota 4x4 Chinook This is a great start for an awesome rig.......I wish I had more time and $$.
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    Craigslist- 4 NEW 255/85R16

    I saw this good deal and thought I'd pass it on to those that love the expo-sexy 255/85R16 No affiliation.
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    2012 Tacoma Flat Bed

    The thread title will get you a little too excited....but, I saw a 2012 Tacoma Regular Cab flat bed at Sea-Tac.
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    A good start for a Tacoma

    Searching criagslist and ran into this, could be a good start for someone. Happy Trails
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    2005+ Tacoma Aluminum Front Skid Plate

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    Who needs a motorcycle trailer.....

    I think these speak for themselves.
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    Tire Choices--Help Me Decide

    So I am getting tires for my new 2011 4cyl Tacoma and need some help deciding. I have narrowed the search to three tires, mainly two, but cant make the final choice. The tires will be in the 235-85-R16 Flavor, so will all be E rated tires and I assume 10ply. The choices are BFG T/A KO, Cooper...
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    CL Roof Rack

    Not mine yada yada....there is a picture on the ad. Older Con-Ferr roof rack , came off of a Toyota FJ 55. Includes mounting hard-wear (gutter mount...). $125 OBO
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    Low Mileage FJ60-Craigslist Find

    95000 original miles... Looks to have no carpet and a weber carb but that is just guessing from the pics. No affiliation yada yada....
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    Expo Eldorado

    Just wondering who was at the Eldorado in Reno last night (11-23). It was a nice first gen TRD 4 door Silver tacoma with ARB, sliders, tube rear bumper, and nice BFG KM2's. It had an ExPo sticker in the back window and Cal. plates. I stopped last night on my way to San Francisco for...
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    I just saw the incredible Rover:drool: of these two travelers. I didnt get to say hi but got the website and thought I would share it here. They look to be having a good adventure, even with a rover not a cruiser. Harlan
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    2004 tw200

    2004 Yamaha TW200 with 2266 miles. Located in Boise ID. Great bike for around town, mini adventures, hunting, or the back of a truck/camper. The bike runs great, I have added an o-ring chain and 15tooth front sprocket. The bike had an OEM rear rack. I also retrofitted a Kick starter. This bike...
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    If you need any 80's parts...

    Not mine but thought I would give a heads up to the 80's guys.... If you need help picking a part or shipping I could probably help out. If this needs to be moved Im sorry and mods feel free to move it.