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    Gas Leak at Altitude

    I need some help to diagnose an issue I had this weekend (2004 LX470). I did a trip to the Eastern Sierra's. Topped off my tank in Bishop which sits at 4100 feet. I then drove into the mountains. At approximately 10,000 feet altitude I heard a noise coming from the back of the car. I stopped...
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    Faded Wrangler Flares

    I have tried numerous products in an attempt to keep the fender flares on my daughters Jeep black. The Jeep is gray and the flares now match that color! I am now thinking about trying to spray them with the Krylon for plastic. What do you think? Anyone have success with anything else?
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    Coyote Flat area

    Heading up to the Coyote Flat area outside of Bishop later this month. I would like to try some fishing but don't fly fish. Any hope of catching anything on a spin rod in the area? In looking at the map I am thinking of trying Baker and Hidden lakes as well as Baker Creek. Coyote Lake is...
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    Hard Top Repair

    Well my 18 year old son decided he needed to go wheeling the other night and backed into a large rock. Hit the drivers side rear corner dead center. Besides the needed body work, the bottom of the hard top was gouged out and the seam between the front and rear half has come loose. In your...