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  1. TreeTopFlyer

    Marathon SuperHides for 2012-2008 Ford E-series vans

    Brand New. Just opened them, ordered the wrong year. Needed the ones for 2005. These will fit 2012-2008 Econoline E-series bucket seats. No armrest covers are included. Save $50 bucks and 8 weeks of time buying now. I ordered these on June 4th and got them July 25th. They are top of the...
  2. TreeTopFlyer

    Anyone in the Riverside CA area that can pick up some shocks for me?

    I am looking at picking up a set but the seller doesn't want to ship. He's in Riverside.
  3. TreeTopFlyer

    A little lighting to the rear hatch

    I wanted to add a little light in the back under the hatch. Picked up some LEDs pre-wired from Oznium. After drilling holes in the interior panels over the last few days for different odds and end projects, drilling 11 more holes seemed a drop in the bucket. I used a piece of masking tape...
  4. TreeTopFlyer

    Hide power pole connector?

    I am going to put some Anderson Powerpole connectors on the front and back of my truck. My question is should I have them located in an inconspicuous place? I was going to put it on top of my bumper in the center so I could connect the jumper cables and go to either side easily. However...
  5. TreeTopFlyer

    Excursion Sliders

    I have been wanting to build a set of these for about a year. Just hadn't got around to it. I am planning an upcoming trip to Big Bend in the spring so that spark a little fire under my @ss to start getting some stuff done on the truck. The last time I really had a big push was about a year...
  6. TreeTopFlyer

    What are my options on an 8-Lug axle?

    Doing some pre-lim planning on a expo trailer. While trailing arms are neat and all. I want to keep things simple and easy, i.e. straight axle. One thing I want is to have the same tires/wheels on the trailer as my vehicle. I have been looking for a 3500lb axle with 8-lug hubs but have come...
  7. TreeTopFlyer

    A tool to have...The Fire Extinguisher

    I haven't uploaded any pics of the colorado trip because I have been lazy. But one nugget we learned was to have a fire extinguisher handy. The first day we got into town(Ouray) we headed towards Imogene Pass. Do the typical drinking cup photo then head under the shelf area. There was...
  8. TreeTopFlyer

    Anyone know of a good kml to gpx converter?

    A free one at that? I found ge2gpx but it only does 3 points at a time under the shareware version.
  9. TreeTopFlyer

    Having issues with Oziexplorer and BU-353 gps

    This is my first run with OE so I may just have a setting incorrect but I can't get OE to read my GPS location properly. I have it set to NMEA, OE is reading the GPS but the location is off by a few miles! I know the GPS is working properly because google earth and streets and trips reads the...
  10. TreeTopFlyer

    Finished up my Tablet Mount

    I have been trying to get this project finished for a while now. With my upcoming trip to the San Juan Mts in 3 weeks I have the proverbial fire now under my arse to get things done. Last weekend I finished fabbing the mount. Last night I finished powering up. Originally the mount started...
  11. TreeTopFlyer

    Dometic Rm2193 fridge 12v/AC/Propane - $125 Says 150 in the ad, but I will take $125. I picked up a Norcold so I no longer have a use for the Dometic fridge.
  12. TreeTopFlyer

    Poormans Maxax Build

    I'm cheap, let's get that out of the way. I guess cheap might not be the right word, I tend to think I can build something of similar design and end up usually spenind more time and money that if I had just bought the darn thing :ylsmoke: At least that is the way it seems to happen sometimes...
  13. TreeTopFlyer

    Data Logs: Current Draw and Temp from a Norcold 630C

    The weather has actually become a little more normal lately. This week has been in the 80s. Today I decided to to some more data logging with the fridge. At around 2 I started the logger, I was recording the amp draw from the fridge as well as the temperature inside the Ex. I cracked the...