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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Just picked it up last week, 2019 Power Wagon. Already sprinkled some AEV Wheels and Falken Wildpeak AT3W tires on. Along with a Factor55 FlatLink. More goodies to come. Contemplated doing a build thread...but I don't know if the world needs another build thread.
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    dodge power wagon with hawk?

    Contact Mainline Overland. They do it all the time.
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    2019 RAM Power Wagon - PeeWee

    Power Wagon is looking good. I'm looking hard and heavy at them for an addition to our stable. Any suggestions or things you'd do different with yours?
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    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium - in-car charging

    This is to imply that I don't run solar while driving the vehicle (I use the Charging Cable) from place to place, sometime for hours at a time. My refrigerator and other items I'm running/charging are always drawing power off the Yeti. The alternator is running anyway, might as well charge the...
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    Water container recs/stowage of them...

    I'm currently using this scepter with a rocket pump I made. It's working fairly well. Stores nicely and provides 5 gallons of water. I connect a hose to run the water out of the vehicles to cups or pots...however I need it.
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    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium - in-car charging

    I'm using the 12v Lithium Charging Cable and it has been quite good. On the 5A setting you'll see about 60-65watts inbound to the Yeti and with the 10A switched over you see double (as expected), roughly 120-125 watts powering the Yeti Lithium via the vehicles charging system. This has been...
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    Ursa Minor Jeeps available for rent in Hawaii (Maui)

    This is awesome! I just returned from a 10 day trip to Maui and had a blast driving all over the place in our rental Jeep. This would definitely be something of interest during our next visit, whenever that may be. I look forward to hearing more about this!
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    Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box

    This is exactly what I've been looking for! I didn't know it existed. Where can I find it??
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    Regear - 4.56 or 4.88 for overland JKU

    4.56 is my recommendation. 35's with that ratio will turn close to 2700-2800 RPMs at 70mph. Any more and you are starting to get a little high in the Revs. My .02
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    Anyone make anything like the Camp Cover tool bag?

    Check out Blueridge Overland Gear Tool Pouch Roll: Tool Pouch Bag
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    JKU suspension upgrade needed - Opinions Welcome

    You can do just the springs. I went OME Heavies all around and love the ride.
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    270 deg square back?
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    Rhino-Rack BatWing Review/Write Up

    From what I can tell the zipper isn't the issue it's the giant hole on one side of the bag that doesn't fully close. It's only a velcro closure. Mine has been soaked several times upon being stored away dry and then opening the bag after rain. Grommets in the underside are a thought. I've got a...
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    Jeep jk unlimited with a 2 inch OME lift

    Eh...people like to think they are 35s, but they are much closer to 34"-33.5" once mounted and aired properly.
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    Jeep jk unlimited with a 2 inch OME lift

    I'm currently running the OME 2619/2620 combo. Heavy springs 2.25"/2.0" stated lift. This is how I'm sitting on 315 BFG AT KO2s.
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    Tepui Tent on Rhinorack Pioneer Platform, modified Harken Hoister pulley system to lift the entire set-up

    Very nice! I'd love to have a garage ceiling that it stand now I can't even drive in with my tent mounted. 7 foot doors are a bummer. As a Rhino Rack owner myself, did you drill the platform to mount the tent? That's what I ended up doing for now. Hoping one day RhinoRack will create a...
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    Rhino-Rack BatWing Review/Write Up

    Contact Rhino Rack regarding your pole problem. I had the same problem with 2 of my poles. One was permanently locked and the other would not catch to lock. They took care of me. Just give them a call and be nice.
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    What do you use for deflating your tires?

    I've used about everything over the years. Fingernail, pocket knife, backside of a .99cent air gauge, knock off stauns, ARB deflator. Currently using the ARB deflator and enjoying it. Quick and easy with a small learning curve.
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    JKU suspension upgrade needed - Opinions Welcome

    I'm swapping over to OME Heavies 2.25/2.0" from my AEV 2.5 setup hopefully this week. Since starting this post I've added a roof top tent and I'm re-doing my drawer system so I've gotten a little weight. I'll report back with my findings and experience along with some measurements hopefully...