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    ARB Roof rack for 2003 E-350 extended?

    I'be been looking into roof racks for my van and have seen ARB products that are affordable compared to many others. I just can't seem to find one made for an E-350. Does anyone have an ARB on their Ford van and if so, do you know the model number? Thanks in advance.
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    To buy or not to buy

    I have been looking into a 4x4 van or bus for a long time, and have found two 2011 GMC Minotaur short school buses with Quigley conversions and about 140k miles apiece on Chevy 6L V8s. Standard rust situation for vehicles from New England, not great but not true cancerous rust yet. Seller is...
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    2007 E-350 quigley questions

    I'm looking at a 2007 E-350 4x4 on CL. It has 112k miles, looks very well kept, minimal rust underneath. Having it looked at by a mechanic, and have talked the owner to $11,500 sale price if the mechanic says all is good. As far as I can tell, this is a good price, but I want to know all your...
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    Fraud/Scam alert on 4x4 coachman Obviously a scam, emailed seller, they were super quick to push a sale and said they would send the vehicle through military transport for free. Google image searched it and found it sold on ebay earlier this year...