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  1. VicHanson

    Suitable trailer for small travel trailer build

    Hi, i was very active on here about 10 years ago when I built my custom camper. I put a Shadow Cruiser truck camper on an Isuzu NPR flatbed. There is a complete build history in the Isuzu/Japanese truck forum. It has served me well and have been living and traveling in it for over 9 years now...
  2. VicHanson

    Turbo problem - Isuzu NPR

    I need some help from you experienced Isuzu owners/mechs. My 2001 NPR has 78,800 miles on it and just recently it started making unusual noises. It started as a whistling noise when I would accelerate or was pulling a little harder, not at a steady speed on level ground. As soon as I would let...
  3. VicHanson

    Thinking about a new mtn bike - full susp. - disk brakes - entry level - cheap!

    Anybody know about these bikes? Any good? I can't afford a good name brand bike. Looking for a good basic bike for cross country mtn biking, nothing super technical but love a tight twisty course. sells the Gravity FSX 1.0 for $330, including free shipping. I have never heard of...
  4. VicHanson

    SOLD: Honda CR-V SE, 40,080 mi. 4x4, auto

    SOLD on Craigslist - Minneapolis Very clean 4x4 with automatic, leather interior, CD player, alloy wheels, new Goodyear tires and just turned over 40,000 miles yesterday. I was living out of the country most of the time since I bought the car so it has been stored most of the time and mainly...
  5. VicHanson

    Driving slow on fast freeways?

    I just drove my camper from Florida to Minnesota and didn't have time to go slow and sight see, so was on freeways most of the way. I can cruise at 60 or 65 with my Isuzu NPR camper but the fuel mileage is terrible, especially if there is a head wind, so I drove 55 mph almost the whole way (2000...
  6. VicHanson

    Want a portable toilet?

    When I saw the warning on the last line, I laughed for about 5 minutes!
  7. VicHanson

    Isuzu NPR HD Truck Camper Build

    Well the time has come to start my build thread. I've got about 9 days left here in Peru, flying to Miami on March 1st. If you are interested in any background to this, please see my previous preliminary planning thread. I have my truck, a 2001 NPR HD, 5 speed diesel, the truck camper, a 1990...
  8. VicHanson

    Changing a rechargeable flashlight from 220 to 110 volts

    There are a bunch of cheap rechargeable flashlights available here in Peru, I assume they are made in China. I have not been able to find anything like them on the web and am wondering if they are available in the U.S. The latest ones I bought are Opalux brand, but they are sold under other...
  9. VicHanson

    Israeli cycles the world

    Just did a search and didn't find anything about this here so will post it - I think it qualifies as an expedition! "Roei "Jinji" Sadan, 27, with his bright red beard and easy, raspy laugh, may not seem like Israel's most likely ambassador to small Andean villages in Peru or tribal chiefs in...
  10. VicHanson

    Back Country camper for sale, FL CList

    Just saw this when looking for a truck camper. weighs only 450 lbs 24 cubic ft of storage .folds out to make a bed 5 ft x8 ft covered by a tent .3 inch mattess top rack and 33x12/50 tires.will go any place a four drive will go. $500
  11. VicHanson

    Looking for Japanese dual sport bike

    I just bought my truck! Am looking for a used dual sport (in the U.S.), preferably Honda or Yamaha, 150 to 200cc, good condition and no more than $1500. No rush as I won't be back to the States until March 1st. Will be...
  12. VicHanson

    Ryobi Rechargeable Tools

    This seems to be the closest place to post this, sorry if it should be some place else. A while ago, in a link to another site, the guy mentioned Ryobi tools and was really promoting them. I am getting close to purchasing my truck (hopefully) and decided to check out what Home Depot has...
  13. VicHanson

    Interested in a '86 Conestoga truck camper, need help!

    Interested in a '86 Conestoga truck camper, need help in Portland area! I think I seen a request like this on here before, but don't know where it should go. Hope here is OK. I've found what looks like a good deal on a very nice looking '86 Conestoga 9' truck camper. It is self-contained, the...
  14. VicHanson

    '95 Northstar for sale, $1500

    This isn't mine, I just saw it while looking for a used truck camper, didn't realize it was a pop-up. the camper weight is 1,380lbs, holds 30 gallons of water, 20 lbs of bottled gas, has a 3 cubic ft fridge, 3 burner stove...
  15. VicHanson

    Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009 with GPS - ZV300023

    This is available at now for $39.99 with free shipping and no sales tax unless you ship it to California. Vic - who has no affiliation with except I spend too much money there.
  16. VicHanson

    Truck camper for flatbed

    Just saw this while looking for truck campers, not sure if it has been posted here before or not. It is a truck camper factory made for a flatbed truck. I know some do it as special orders, but this is a regular production model.
  17. VicHanson

    8' truck camper, no cab over

    Does, or did, anyone make a truck camper, without a cab over bed. I'm trying to find a basic 8' to 9' truck camper (not just a shell) that has a bed (bunks OK), table, stove top, small fridge, no bathroom, stand up room (not a pop up). Does such a thing exist? Thanks, Vic
  18. VicHanson

    Spare tires for dual wheel campers

    After have two flat tires on my last trip to Cotahuasi (about 125 Km of rough gravel road, up to 15,000 feet elevation), I have been giving a bit more thought to spares! What do you do use with a truck like a Fuso FG or an Isuzu NPR? Do you normally carry two separate spares or trust that you...
  19. VicHanson

    Underbody truck tool boxes

    Does anyone have a good source for reasonably priced, good tool boxes to mount under the box or bed of a truck? I'm looking to mount a camping trailer on an Isuzu NPR, like Carl Hunter's FG/Bigfoot camper, and am looking for storage boxes to mount under it? This is the best deal I have found...
  20. VicHanson

    Towing a Suzuki Samurai

    I'm wondering about towing a Samurai behind a expo motorhome. Looking for something smaller and lighter than my CRV, as well as something that will get me farther out into the boonies (in the U.S. only). Is it possible to tow one with all four wheels on the ground, or best to use a tow dolly...