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  1. BajaTaco

    AT/OJ Open House - Photos

    Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday for the Open House. It was a great turnout! :victory: Lots of cool vehicles, trailers, equipment and good conversation. Good food, and some fun presentations too. Here are some photos. Post up yours if you have any.
  2. BajaTaco

    1988 4Runner, expedition-ready + drive back from South America

    This is not my truck, but I have been corresponding with Nick and Rochelle, who are currently using the 4Runner for a trip in South America. They want to fly back at the end of the trip and sell the vehicle. This would be a nice opportunity to buy a U.S. titled vehicle that is already equipped...
  3. BajaTaco

    Sierra Pinacate and Bahia Adair

    I've posted a photo gallery for a trip that I did earlier this year: Sierra Pinacate and Bahia Adair - Sonora, Mexico There is a photo with the caption "Full circle" that has kind of a neat story behind it. Four and a half years ago I did a trip whereby we walked in the footsteps of Godfrey...
  4. BajaTaco

    bajaslist - Things you can't live without

    The following items are for sale. Buyer pays for shipping. PM or email cmarzonie at Update: Most everything has sold. Summary of items still for sale: Power Painter Submerisble pump Sway-A-Way coils 3/13/650 ____________________________ Garvin Industries Wilderness...
  5. BajaTaco

    Race suit & underlayers

    G-Force 505 Racing Suit: BLK/WHT, SIZE MED. 3-Layer, SFI 3.2A/5, comes in original box. Worn once and cleaned per mfg. specs. Very clean condition. G-Force G1 Racing Gloves: BLK/WHT, SIZE LG. SFI 3.3-1, New in original packaging. OAKLEY CarbonX Fire-protective underlayers: BLK, SIZE LG. Long...
  6. BajaTaco

    Using a DeLorme PN-20 with Vista and non-DeLorme programs

    I have been using a DeLorme PN-20 along with DeLorme's mapping software for quite some time and it's great. The PN-20 (and lately the newer PN-40) are fantastic, compact, handheld units for non-motorized travel. When in my truck, I like to plug the PN-20 into my convertible notebook to see my...
  7. BajaTaco

    Overland Video: Sale + New titles

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that Overland Video has added some new titles from South Africa: A series of DVDs and also a book from the Andrew St Pierre White collection. Some examples: The site has also been updated with a new (and much easier to use) secure shopping cart...
  8. BajaTaco

    New Tom Sheppard book - Quiet for a Tuesday

    Quiet for a Tuesday, Solo in the Algerian Sahara This is super cool. :cool: As opposed to the highly technical books we've been enjoying from Tom Sheppard, here is a chance to go along with him on expedition, and just be along for the ride. He's an exceptional author and has a great sense of...
  9. BajaTaco

    Exp. Trophy 08 - overland route

    Hello from the "southern" overland route! We had the awards dinner last night at the main event camp, and today we worked our way across one of the two overland routes. Al Walter and I led the group and it's a new route for us, traveling roughly from Wickenburg, AZ to the KOFA range. We met some...
  10. BajaTaco

    Overland Journal hats & decals

    For those who didn't catch the announcement in FSC, Overland Journal hats and decals are finally available in our online store. Just visit and click on the "Shop" button. We have two sizes of decals, one is 4" x 6" (10cm x 16cm) and the other is 8" x 12" (20cm x 30cm)...
  11. BajaTaco

    ARB Field Trip

    Hello from Seattle, Washington I had a great flight here this morning. I always love to fly because I usually get a great view of the "living topo map". Today I saw the Superstition Mtns, Mazatsal wilderness, Red rocks of Sedona and Sycamore canyon, the Mogollon Rim country, the San Francisco...
  12. BajaTaco

    New atomic clocks will make GPS even more accurate

    A news story on the BBC reports of the launch of a new satellite, "Grove-B" which has a hydrogen maser atomic clock on board. Apparently, the most accurate clock ever built. "Following its launch from the Baikonaur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, it will become the most precise time piece to orbit...
  13. BajaTaco

    Sierra Madre - battle site expedition

    I am on my way to another adventure in the Sierras of Mexico. All of my trips to the Sierras so far have been related to historical research and this one is no exception. This time we are hoping to find the long-lost location of a famous battle that took place in the 1800's. That is all I can...
  14. BajaTaco

    Wildernest FS - Aug 07 (not mine - on a list)

    This is not mine, but I saw the post so I'm going to link to it for reference in case someone from ExPo is looking for one. Down towards the bottom of the thread, someone in AZ is selling a white Wildernest for $1300 as of August...
  15. BajaTaco

    Cruise Moab 2007

    Scott and I are having a blast at Cruise Moab 2007. We started out on Monday night and made our way to Moab by Wed. afternoon via Valley of the Gods, Cottonwood canyon, Elk Ridge, Beef Basin (Scott's favorite!), Dark canyon area, then Canyonlands proper through the "back way" and up and over...
  16. BajaTaco

    OziExplorer and Windows Vista

    Does anyone know if they are or will be compatible? I don't see anything on the Ozi site and a search on the Yahoo group yields little results that aren't for the "Vista" GPS model. Any info is appreciated. Thanks
  17. BajaTaco

    New kid on the block - DeLorme Handeld GPS

    This unit looks pretty incredible. Earthmate GPS PN-20 A handheld w/SD card, and displays Topo USA, USGS 7.5 topos, Street maps, and Aerials. $369.95 (comes w/Topo USA)
  18. BajaTaco

    Gateway CX210X convertible laptop

    Gateway CX210X convertible laptop (view the product tour to see the tricks) Has anyone used this laptop? I am seriously considering it. In a nutshell, here are the base specs: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66MHz 1 GB memory 80GB 7200 rpm HD 14" monitor Double-layer DVD burner 8-cell battery Integrated...
  19. BajaTaco

    Ozi with WinXP Tablet PC edition?

    Does anyone know if Ozi explorer will work on Windows XP Tablet PC edition OS? If so, has anyone tried it? What are your impressions?
  20. BajaTaco

    The watch (timepiece) thread

    I just picked up a new watch that I am really enjoying so I thought I would start a watch thread. I have used the venerable Casio digital calculator watch for what I would estimate to be about 15 years now. I am often doing math and am not so fast at doing it in my head like Vince or Uwe :p I am...