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    Camp Tables - What are you using?

    Another user of the TailGator tire table here. No more fiddling trying to get a table level, plenty big enough for a stove or bbq, makes a great spot for dining for two or a sundowner serving table. I liked my first one so much I bought another one at the Offroad Expo. 👍 I own/use a variety of...
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    Mild A/T for heavy towing

    Perhaps consider a ”hybrid” tire like the Mastercraft Courser CXT. Made by Cooper.
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    Breakdown Troubleshooting Guide?

    One of the best buys I've made is a code reader. It can help identify the issue. Now, whether I'm able or capable of dealing with that issue out in the boonies is another matter. :unsure:
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    Truck camping-looking for suggestions on organization and storage

    Another vote for the Cub Packs and Flat Packs from Front Runner.
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    Considering a Go-Fast Camper - Interested in real world experiences and reviews.

    You might also consider a tailgate “lifter” that makes it easier to close. Basically a torsion bar setup. I had one on my Dodge and I could literally use one or two fingers to close it up. Helped out when closing it from the inside of the bed.
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    Hey Vortec Guys! / Sierra pickup / Suburban / Yukon etc

    “Leveling” is a relative term. For some reason I was assuming britome was talking about 33s...that’s a size I’ve considered. With the stock 4.10 gearing on the 2500HD 33s are at the limit of the recommended gearing range. (I’m assuming here, my model year came stock with Tonka Toy tires sized...
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    Hey Vortec Guys! / Sierra pickup / Suburban / Yukon etc

    I’ve got an ‘02 model longbed. Enjoy it for what it provides...payload and comfort. I’m assuming it’s 4WD. If you start messing with a lift that’ll just lead you down the rabbit hole of complexity and $$$. You can fit 33s with a small amount of torsion bar adjustment...just level it. With your...
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    Outfitting the new-to-me 2018 F-150....EcoBoost specific thoughts?

    Re: seat covers. I’m not a fan of CoverKing. I bought a set for my ‘02 Chevy, they didn’t fit well. Part of the problem was the shoulder belt integrated into the seat back. The belt would not return smoothly/completely, binding on the seat cover and yes, the seat cover was installed correctly...
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    Yakima vs. Thule roof racks?

    Started with Yakima years ago but I think their quality control has slipped a bit. There are Thule track mounted racks on top of my shell, work fine but expensive. Have Rhino Rack gutterless mounted on the cab roof, work fine but again quite pricey. I’m liking the RRs as of today.
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    OVRLND camper topper

    Great idea!
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    Rocky Mountain Overland Rally Event Report

    Wasn’t able to attend but looking to clear my calendar for next year. I attended an early “Overland Workshop(?)” in Hollister Hills about a dozen years ago. Smaller, with a hands-on camaraderie attitude. Many of today’s merchants and suppliers were just starting out then. This event seems to be...
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    ExploreDesert: El Paso Mountains & Mining District

    Good to see you back and thanks for the reports. Perhaps a quick write-up on the new vehicle, either here or your blog site. I’m also driving a long wheelbase vehicle.
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    Water storage

    “Aquatainers have a nice big hi-flowing built in-spigot, but 7gal gets real heavy and in recent years their blow-molded plastic has got quite thin.” I solved the weight issue by using the 4-gal versions. Perhaps the 25# weight difference between the two will reduce the chance of splitting...I...
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    Keeping your vehicle cool

    Someone, somewhere on the forum quoted a study that determined white is the best color to reflect heat. More specifically, a white roof. Tests using white on the sides of a truck canopy showed marginal improvement but white on the roof was able to drop temps at the surface by as much as 25*...
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    Perfect off-highway tire = LTX? What?

    Local tire guy tried to talk me into these but no, didn’t look tough enough for the truck. Went with Toyo AT2s. Good tire but began hearing good things about the Michelins. Wife’s Suburban goes through tires like Patton’s “crap through a goose”. Me thinks I’ll be putting these on the Suburban...
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    New trucks and 4low...

    FWIW: wife’s 2010 Suburban has the 4auto option along with the 4hi/lo. I’ve used it successfully in two types of situations. Dirt/gravel roads where rears spin a bit here and there and I don’t want to engage 4hi due to steering bind. Also, freshly plowed snow roads with same steering concerns...
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    Rubber boot between truck and shell

    You could use a clear wrap/vinyl gasket on the cab portion where the boot meets it. Would protect the paint.
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    FOR SALE: 2005 F-450 4x4 Utility Body w/ Starcraft Pine Mountain Lonestar Pop-top Camper

    I’ve come to believe that the utility bed with a camper may just be the best setup. Plenty of storage outside that’s readily accessible and frees up space inside. Really like the rig. 👍
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    1997 Dodge Ram 1500 "Marge" Project

    Sounds like you’re having fun doing your research. The 285 is a good size for all around use but you’ll notice a bit more bottom end sluggishness due to the increase. The 5.9 does well though, with its relatively low (for a gasser) peak torque coming in around 3300 rpm IIRC. Tires: consider...