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    1st gen Cummins/W250 and FWC Grandby revival

    Oh man, this is the coolest project I've seen in some time. I'm salivating over the thought of this truck all freshened up with a FWC on it…..
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    2k quiet gendrators

    I know nothing about generators but have also been eyeballing the 2k inverter generators, with an eye on Honda and Yamaha because of their proven reliability, but also wondering about the Generac, Champion, and others. Not personally interested in a generator from HF. So I'm just curious about...
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    Phoenix Mini Max

    I agree. But it's impressive all the amenities they fit in that thing.
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    Phoenix Mini Max

    Looks pretty cool. I can't wait to see a version for a full-size truck. A larger one with some more interior space, storage space, and tank capacity might be just what I've been looking for to go on my F-250. Not sure about the center support poles, though. They look a little clumsy. One of the...
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    stay safe.

    stay safe.
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    Why did you choose your specific pop-up camper?

    It is. The problem I have is that living on the East Coast, it isn't practical to visit all the different manufacturers, so it's really hard to see the nuances of each brand and the differences between. Ultimately, I'll probably just end up buying whatever I can find within a handful of hours...
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    Why did you choose your specific pop-up camper?

    Isn't that the truth. A few weeks ago I found a nice-looking Northstar on CL about 10 miles from home. Didn't bother calling because I knew I wouldn't be able to go see it for a few days because of work. A few days later when I had time, I went on CL again to find the number to call…
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    Why did you choose your specific pop-up camper?

    Not exactly looking to start a "which pop-up camper is the best one" thread, but more of a discussion of the pros and cons of the various models. Of course lots of us will buy whatever happens to be most available and/or affordable to us, but assuming you are a person who compared different...
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    Ford or Ram?

    Thanks! I don't think I will, either.
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    Ford or Ram?

    Alright, so over a year after starting this thread I finally pulled the trigger. Yesterday I brought home a 2017 F-250. XLT crew cab short bed. 6.2 gas engine, camper, FX4, and XLT Premium packages. 3.73 gears w/ selectable rear locker. "Blue Jeans" color. I spent more than I would have...
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    Bought a new truck. 2017 F250 review.

    I have often wondered if some good quality seat covers would make the vinyl seats more comfortable.
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    Bought a new truck. 2017 F250 review.

    Congrats! I really want a new Ford. Cannot find one on a lot anywhere with the combination of options I want. XL, 6.2, rubber floors, cloth seats, manual transfer case, 4.3 gears, in some color other than white, out the door for less than $40k. Doesn't seem like too much to ask for but I can...
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    2005 Dodge Ram 4x4. Four wheel camper

    Great looking rig. The reason I bought my 2005 Dodge was to do the same exact thing. Who makes the flatbed that is on it?
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    #USAONDIRT a 5,000 Mile OffRoad Adventure Across America

    Looks like you guys are having a blast! Thanks for sharing. Safe travels.
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    Wrangler pickup will be JT

    My worry is anemic towing and payload ratings and the emissions junk that comes on modern diesels. If the JT comes in a Rubicon trim and has healthy payload and tow ratings (at least, say, 2000# and 5000#, respectively), I'll be tempted to sell my 2015 JKUR and my Excursion and my 2005 CTD to...
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    Power Wagon common problems? Best years?

    And if I'm not mistaken, it was these changes to the suspension in 2014 that caused the drop in payload rating from the normal 3/4 ton range to the dismal ~1500# rating they have now.
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    Poison Spyder bumpers

    Thanks for the input guys.
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    Poison Spyder bumpers

    Anyone have Poison Spyder stuff? I know they mostly cater to the rock crawling crowd, but I've been looking for a bumper to replace my stock JK bumpers. I like the ARB and AEV ones, but they are so damn expensive. The Poison Spyder JK Brawler full width looks promising. Good looking, and...
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    JK Service Manual

    I have a PDF copy on my computer that I downloaded from somewhere online when I bought my 2015.
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    Ram 3500- 68RFE or Aisin, help me build!

    The Aisin comes with the motor tuned for almost 100 more ft/lb of torque, IIRC......