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    Best domestic full-size diesel truck?

    Thanks Everyone Thanks everyone for the great input. Sounds like '03 - '06 is best, and Lorenz seems to be the best option for a lift. Would love to see more pix of your Rams. Dave M.
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    Best domestic full-size diesel truck?

    '04 cummins Rockcrawler, How do you like your '04? Have you made many changes, or what are your plans? Thanks
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    Best domestic full-size diesel truck?

    My Dodge I'm looking to build an expedition truck and have pretty much settled on the Cummins. I like the size and the reliability of the engine. (We need something that'll take 3 car seats in the back seat) We're living in Mexico and want to do some camping in some of the ghost towns and...
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    EarthRoamer Expedition: Central America

    Central Mexico I live in Central Mexico in the State of San Luis Potosi. It would be interesting on the return trip to check out the Aguascalientes State fair, and the ghost towns of Cerro San Pedro, and Real de Catorce both in SLP. The fair has the best bullfights in all of Mexico.