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  1. Clay

    Tell me what you think?

    I just got back from Baja and the Sea of Cortez and I took a whole bunch of pictures. I picked out some of the better ones and put together a page. If anyone cared to take a look and maybe critique me a little bit? I'd appreciate some feed back from those who know! I've put them all here. Thanks
  2. Clay

    78 GMC Pathfinder 4x4 build

    I just picked up a new ride, and I thought I would start a build thread here. The plan is to drive it to Panama next winter, but it will mostly be used for trips with the kids to Baja and all over the western US. It's a 78 GMC 35 van with a Pathfinder 4x4 conversion, in really nice condition...
  3. Clay

    Clay's 1st Gen build-up

    Time to start a thread on my build-up of my '79 Toy for overland style travels. I've taken the truck on a few little trips now, a couple of days out at a time, but nothing major. The plans are for a 2500 mile trip in June, so the pressure is on now. So far I have gone through the truck from top...
  4. Clay

    What's your favorite camping cook book?

    I'm on a mission to add to my camping food section of my culinary library, and I was wondering if there were any camping related cook books that you enjoy. Here's the one I'm fascinated with right now Outback Cooking in a Camp Oven by Jack & Reg Absalom. It's got some interesting things going...
  5. Clay

    1st gen trucks for expeditions?

    After some debt refiguring and some thought, I have decided to build up a 79 Toyota Hi-lux for future mini-expeditions. For the most part, it will be all about making the rig reliable and comfortable, but I don't think that will be too hard. Anyone else use one of these older trucks for trips?
  6. Clay

    Converting a 4x2 XJ to 4x4

    What is involved? Looking at the front end it seems fairly straight forward, what about tranny to transfercase conversions? I've searched for quite a while now all over the net, with little luck. Maybe I'm just using the wrong terms, but still no luck. The vehicle is a 2001 XJ with a 4.0 and...
  7. Clay

    Went out to Great Sand Dunes National Park today

    I took the boys and the wife on a little road trip today out to the Great Sand Dunes National park in southern Colorado. What a cool thing to go and see. The dunes themselves are amazing, but they are also tucked right into the Sangre de Cristo moutains and that makes them amazing. Theres some...
  8. Clay

    Problems with freezing....

    When I put on my All-Pro winch bumper I realized that the pump and fluid reservoir for the windshield washer hangs down under the bumper and is all exposed to the elements. I didn't really think that much of it untill this trip to Colorado and now the thing is so frozen it will take a month to...
  9. Clay

    My rig build-up thread

    I'm now getting into expedition type of four-wheeling a great deal. I've been reading here for about 6 months and even gone on a big expedition during that time. Now I have the bug, and you get to watch me build up my rig. Just to give you some history, I live about 20 minutes from the Fordyce...
  10. Clay

    Any one into snow shoes here?

    A couple of years back I got a pair of Atlas snow shoes for Christmas and I been using them a bunch ever since. Last year I went out quite a bit, and this year I have already gone out several times, even though it just started snowing pretty recently. Any one else like to hike with tennis...