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  1. skysix

    XANTREX pure sine inverter, 1800W

    Bump - will separate, $150 for the case $750 for the inverter, cables and plug
  2. skysix

    heavy but great to explore abandoned rail right of ways
  3. skysix

    being a posterchild for ODD, how do I do this?

    so for a 740AH battery bank I should use about 800W of panels, but what amp rating of charger? Do the AGM lead acid batteries have the same deep discharge characteristics?
  4. skysix

    being a posterchild for ODD, how do I do this?

    Working within physical constraints of available weight and volume for batteries and roof space for panels, how do I reverse engineer a system? Plan to use 4 Trojan L16H-AC AGM 6v/370 AH (20 hr rate) batteries wired as two 12v banks in parallel for a potential of 740AH or realistically lets say...
  5. skysix

    XANTREX pure sine inverter, 1800W

    NOS Xantrex model 806-1850 24vdc input to 120VAC 1800W inverter (15 amps) and 6' #2/0 AWG 6' cables / NATO slave plug. Complete with waterproof Pelican 1620 roller case with additional foam cutouts for electrical gear. Ideal for people with military surplus vehicles (CUCV, 5-tons etc) that have...
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    Taking off to the Great White North

    sad to see the Athabasca glacier so receded, when was a kid you could hike to it from the highway, maybe 1/4 to 1/3 mile only.
  7. skysix

    M1010 expo build. The Mountain Turtle

    What was the reason? Tire wear? Bearing failure?
  8. skysix

    Suburban/Tahoe owners what size tire do you run?

    gear ratio's is that for the 00-03 Tahoe 6 bolt rim 1/2 ton or some other years or an 8 bolt rim 3/4 ton suburban?
  9. skysix

    BF Goodrich KO2 34/10.5/17D vs 35/12.5/17E

    if don't NEED the extra weight D should be fine for your truck, sidewalls are strong enough except on sharp rocky roads like the Dempster highway. - get it weighed by axle when loaded to check. The extra 2" width will be a hindrance on ice (less grip) and in mud (resistance) but better for sand...
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    Suburban/Tahoe owners what size tire do you run?

    BF Goodrich AT/KO2 LT34/10.5R17 on OEM 17" rims, 3.73diff, 2" lift/3" keys, 1" wheel spacers for stability (usually has RTT on top) after trimming wheel studs to not hit rims. No fender trimming. Would like to go with lower gears but 4.56 too low / 4.11 not quite enough so still searching.
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    New BFG All Terrain Design?

  12. skysix

    Sönke's hard-side popup camper

    For sale now, 95-100,000 Euros (about US$105-110k)
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    16,500 miles
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    Modern Camper / Trailer Construction is Garbage

    Check this out then.... and this as well
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    Project WAR WAG

    Fuel supply How are you coming along with the additional 20 and 30 gallon tanks? I was looking at the blazer and suburban tanks where the spare was but no fit... Boo. NW Metal Products in OR has nice high capacity one that will fit but $$$ Once I get a digital camera I'll start my own thread -...
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    Ford F554, the replacement for the H1 is here.

    If they don't go for that talk to Arctic Trucks in Iceland - here is a Ford SuperDuty on 54" Baja Claw TTC's with portal axels. And WAY nicer front fenders.
  17. skysix

    2002 Tahoe "Expedition" build

    Re rock sliders - there's a guy on Steel Soldiers that makes a really HD set for OBS Blazers - I would not be surprised if he'd custom make a set for a Tahoe. Rock Sliders Re: Front brake lines / lift. Did the keys on mine but at full droop the originals are stretching, how much longer were...
  18. skysix

    are there any miitary trailer boxes used as a truck bed

    US WW2/Korea 1/4 ton data plate US WW2/Korea 1/4 ton (rounded fenders) Canadian current 1/4 ton (flat fenders) US current 1/4 ton M416 (flat fenders) data plate US current 3/4 ton (M101) 3/4 ton M101 Data Plate