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  1. Swift_45a

    Rock Auto Discount Sale

    So, I got this link and picked up a few parts that I needed after making the trek through those avalanches, and thought I'd pass it on here for anyone who may need it:
  2. Swift_45a

    Gen 2.5 Cannot disengage 4WD

    Hey, so I tried searching but came up empty as it said my query was to short or too long; anyhow, I bough a Gen 2.5 that needs some minor things (like the PS belt adjustment I rebumped earlier) here and there, and among them was the inability to disengage 4WD, I had this issue on my 96 SR when...
  3. Swift_45a

    Dakar 2017 w/ 2 Privateer Pajeros

    Happy NY, everyone. It's that time again! A quick recap and what to expect for the 2017 Dakar:
  4. Swift_45a

    Req: Fuse Box Diagram Picture (Gen 2 SR)

    Can anyone take a shot of their Fuse Box (detailing the Fuses/Amp) on their Gen SR? I tried searching but came up empty. Thanks!
  5. Swift_45a

    Not so new 1996 SR owner

    Hey, So, I just joined after half year or so of lurking on here; I used to be on 4x4 wire (under the same handle barring the lower case a due to a registration error) back in 2012 when I owned my first Gen 2 (1993 LS) and subsequently sold it due to a career change that required I leave the US...