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    Rigid Lights for WK2?

    Hi all, I'm looking to install a couple of Rigid D-series Pro on my 2017 GC Trailhawk using the following bracket: This means...
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    Halley - '17 WK2 Trailhawk Overland Build

    The code for the TH wheels is 5XK991XFAB - you can get them on most Mopar parts sites (~ $265).
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    Front camera install on Grand Cherokee?

    Hi all, I have been toying around with the idea of installing a front-facing camera to help with navigation when driving off-road. I find myself on a lot of steep hills looking at the beautiful hood of my 2017 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, but sometimes it'd be great to have a sense of what might...
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    Halley - '17 WK2 Trailhawk Overland Build

    Nice writeup (as always)! I think this is the next thing on my list - more so I can have an extra spare tire, than clear space inside (Eastern Sierra keep eating up my tires!). With everything, how much did you end up spending on this? About a grand? Also, looking at your reverse camera picture...
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    MPG hit from installing Chief lower front guard?

    Hi all, I’m planning on installing the Chief lower front guard once they’re back in stock, but I was wondering if any of you might know how much it’ll decrease my MPG if I leave the front fascia off? (vs. putting the fascia back on over the guard for normal driving - but then I have to remove...