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  1. marret

    2001 Ram 2500 4x4, HO Cummins, 6 speed. $17,000 Point Arena, CA

    Let me think about it and do some research. I am looking for a truck that will be able to pull a 5th wheel and I'm concerned about payload/pin weight. Underside/undercarriage clean? Rust? Thanks.
  2. marret

    2001 Ram 2500 4x4, HO Cummins, 6 speed. $17,000 Point Arena, CA

    Nice looking truck. I'm in the market, but am concerned about payload and towing with the 2500. What is the GVWR? Was it increased from 8800 lbs with the camper special package? Curb weight and payload? Front and rear axle GAWR? 4850 and 6040? GCWR? 18k?
  3. marret

    Looking to raise a 2004 Chevy Express 3500 Roadtrek Popular 190

    Have you spoken to either of the companies? I don't have a spring suggestion, but do believe Jeremy at Weldtec would assist. Of course if you have spoken to them and they wouldn't help, disregard.
  4. marret

    2000 7.3l 4x4 diesel ambulance

    Looks great. How much are you asking? Where is it located? Somewhere in SOCAL? Registered as an RV?
  5. marret

    2006 Hot Shot Crew Truck - Potential for build

    For right now I am going to pass, but I'll continue to think about it. Thanks again for the info. Wish you the best with the sale. It will make someone a fine rig.
  6. marret

    2006 Hot Shot Crew Truck - Potential for build

    Thank you for all the info. What you say makes sense regarding the build. I like the bed idea. My Sportsmobile has the water tank on one side and sink/shower connection with hot water heater on the other. My preference on plumbing would be to have it all on one side for simplicity. I would...
  7. marret

    2006 Hot Shot Crew Truck - Potential for build

    Couple questions. Is there access from the cab to the box? Looks like there might be with window sliders. Also there appears to be some lower hatch on the front wall of the box. How wide is the rear door?
  8. marret

    1993 Mitsubishi Fuso 4x4

    Member posted it for sale
  9. marret

    Chevy/GMC 4x4 Van - Fuel Mileage

    Gear ratio will make a difference as well. My 2008 with a 4" lift, 4.10 gears, 33" tires, 4 spd trans, bumper, gets 10-14 mpg.
  10. marret

    2010 Nissan Frontier Pro 4X 6 speed 105k miles $10,000 Northern VA

    Bump. Couple questions. What is the bed size? How does the undercarriage look? How much surface rust?
  11. marret


    Yeah, kind of hard to keep outdoing the previous years. Few minor thoughts (sorry for any repetition): -Fender flares -Tube mini sliders with attachments to the frame for each of the front doors and side doors. Why? Some of us don't have frame access along the entire frame and/or don't want...
  12. marret

    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    Welcome. I have no personal experience, but people over on sportsmobileforum have been pleased with Vantage Optics. Scott is a member there too. Scott Thompson Vantage Optics*
  13. marret

    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    Wow, awesome, thanks for posting and taking us along.
  14. marret

    MOIRAI 1995 4x4 Fire Rescue BUILD Thread

    Our dog is an American Bulldog. I've seen a few white Boxers, one lives down the street. I need to see if my charger could keep up. My battery bank is only 2 group 27s. When time I will probably go to 31s. Thanks much.
  15. marret

    MOIRAI 1995 4x4 Fire Rescue BUILD Thread

    Me too on power as well as how well the A/C works. Thanks for posting.
  16. marret

    FS: Trailer Build (Manley ORV, Method etc.)

    I have a few questions, trying to see if the trailer will work for my needs. What is the length from the jack stand to the rear frame? I assume the 72" is the rectangular portion of the frame. Weight? Axle also 3500 LB? Wiring is included but not installed? Title or manufacturer certificate of...
  17. marret

    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Leisure Van E-250 hightop conversion: 2001 E-250 94 Ford Coachmen Van: 1994 Ford Coachmen