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  1. krick3tt

    Fuel Cans: Scepter or Valpro?

    I have had NATO cans for over twenty years and they show no signs of corrosion. I suppose if you want them to last for fifty years there might be some indication of corrosion but really who is going to pass them on to their heirs?
  2. krick3tt

    Fuel Cans: Scepter or Valpro?

    I would go metal over plastic.
  3. krick3tt

    Land Rover TREK series coming back

    those are MaxTrax not sand ladders.
  4. krick3tt

    Thinking About an LR3

    I have owned my 07 LR3 HSE for about 3 years now and am mildly surprised at its capabilities that sometimes surpass my skills at maneuvering it through many trails and obstacles. I was recently on a trail that often seemed to vanish and become just granite cap rock. It performed very well, even...
  5. krick3tt

    Gazelle tents--how do they do in wind and rain?

    I do not have one, I have an OZ3 but friend has one and on our last trip, while on a hike, the wind came up, pulled the stakes out (in sand) and beat the tent into a tree and poked several holes in the tent. There are several ways to patch holes I am told, tent repair tape is one. In a very...
  6. krick3tt

    Wanted. Driver side mirror for 07 LR3.

    Driver side mirror for 07 LR3. I am sure that several other year mirrors will fit. Bashed on an obstacle. I am in Denver, CO.
  7. krick3tt

    Thinking About an LR3

    I try to not compare my LR3 to other vehicles as that will either put you ahead or behind depending on the vehicle you choose. It is not as capable as my Pinzgauer or even close to my Mog but they are for much different uses. I just know that the LR is more capable than I will ever be. My '07...
  8. krick3tt

    Camping Tents

    Yes, I suppose the OZ tent is pricy for some but I find that ease of use and room inside is well worth the bit of extra cost. When I travel by myself I use a cot tent. Granted it is not a stand up thing but very easy to set up and quite comfortable for sleeping. I don't live in the tent so it...
  9. krick3tt

    What would you replace your LR3/4 with ?

    If I could fit it in the garage I would have a UniMog 1300.
  10. krick3tt

    2000 Land Rover Discovery issues

    With that many miles find something else. If all that has been done has not fixed the issue don't take it on unless he is going to give it to you and promises to pay for it to be fixed first. there are lots of vehicles out there
  11. krick3tt

    TIRES vs MPG

    Kind of depends on the size of the tank, doesn't it. Small tank = less distance covered.
  12. krick3tt

    Very nice M101A2

    Be good if you tell us where you are located.
  13. krick3tt

    Fastener ?

    If you over drill the hole on the skin, but drill it small enough that the rivets still hold would that allow expansion to occur and not have the skin buckle?
  14. krick3tt

    Fastener ?

    Dissimilar metals? Relative surface areas of contacting dissimilar metals is also relevant in determining which metal exhibits accelerated corrosion. It is undesirable to have a large cathode surface in contact with a relatively small anode surface.
  15. krick3tt

    Jerry can vs Rotopax for trailer

    My M416 trailer came with can mounts in front of the fenders. I used one for fuel and one for water cans. Obtained straps for them on surplus site and it worked well. It was an M416A New gaskets for the Nato can can be obtained on Amazon or many of the surplus sites. In reality, if you remove...
  16. krick3tt

    Refigerator/freezer question(s) poll (sort of)

    ARB 47 qt., two people max, 3 to 5 days usually, very pleased with the size, no room for additional cooler.
  17. krick3tt

    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Almost everyone has injected an opinion here and it is usually their own for their own purposes, as I did. I find this newer vehicle with possibly less room inside than most may have to resort to adding pods to the outside for gear. I find that a design issue that might require further study but...
  18. krick3tt

    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Hanging stuff off the sides is just asking for them to get ripped off by trees and bushes. I have been on trails where side clearance is minimal and the stripes I get are significant. If you are selling this for mall cruisers then I guess the picnic crowd will surely like it.
  19. krick3tt

    ARB JACK vs. Hi-Lift Jack

    I was in an off road equipment shop the other day and seeing an ARB jack there I examined it. Heavy piece of kit, comparable weight to a HL. Trying to figure how to mount it outside (HL is on my front ARB bumper) as there is no room inside my LR for one.
  20. krick3tt

    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Live reveal video is like looking at a black cat in a closet with the light off.