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  1. F350joe

    Ice chest vs 12v fridge

    Let’s forget about the cost difference for the sake of this convo. Does the 12v option save space? Can you sleep near a 12v without getting woken up by a cycling compressor? What size is ideal for a couple few people on a 3 day weekend? Week long trip? Can they make enough ice to...
  2. F350joe

    2000 Ford F350 XLT Crewcab Shortbed/flatbed 4x4 7.3 Diesel. 206,000 miles. $22,500

    2000 Ford F350 XLT Crewcab Shortbed 4x4 7.3 Diesel. 206,000 miles History: This three owner truck has always been well maintained, adult owned, and spent most of its life in Arizona before coming to San Diego. Never a work truck, no accidents, CarFax available. The first owner was a doctor...
  3. F350joe

    Another Crown Vic
  4. F350joe

    Can’t decide between GX470 and Sequoia

    I’m selling the massive 7.3 f350 and I am considering doing something I said I will never do, buy another Toyota. Long story but I had a 3.0 toyota with nothing but problems and a Tacoma that burst into flames with me in it. I don’t tow my boat much anymore, ditched the camper for a tent, so...
  5. F350joe

    EBikes allowed in National Parks

    I use my eBike to get into national parks, run into town, go to a trail head, or just cruise around at sunset after a day of hiking. Zion has some strange rules banning them entirely in the park which makes no sense for that zoo. Yellowstone would be great by eBike but no shoulder and narrow...
  6. F350joe

    For the fast lane Overlander
  7. F350joe

    Adding a house battery to a two battery/two alternator f350?

    I have a Powerline 2 batt./1 alt. 130amp battery isolator and a battery combiner switch from some old boat projects. Can I use a 1 alternator isolator in a 2 alternator set up? Does it matter which engine battery I go off, is there a charge sequence for the batteries or does one alternator go...
  8. F350joe

    Gazelle Tent sale

    Thought I would pass it along , showed up on my Facebook feed. No association but I do have one and love it. $228 for the 4 person, $201 for the 3 person and $335 for the 8 person two room one.
  9. F350joe

    Diesel classic land cruiser - $29500 (Oceanside) Driving on the right side would be weird but cool truck nonetheless.
  10. F350joe

    Some good news
  11. F350joe

    1956 Ford F-800 Big Job COE on a F350 7.3L Power Stroke 4x4

    This would be fun with a little more rubber and an old Alaskan on the back.
  12. F350joe

    Sweet boat/truck camper
  13. F350joe

    New truck cap design available on Fords. Looks like it could be practical for camping. Like a cross between a bed cap and shell. I’ve seen something similar in other countries, it will be interesting to see if it catches on here in the US.
  14. F350joe

    Interesting article comparing the Nissan/Cummins to the f150/PS.

    What’s the word on the street about this 3.0 diesel? The Nissan seems like a lot of truck for the money but what stuck out to me is the 100k mile warranty, that’s impressive.
  15. F350joe

    Cummins Ramcharger CA registered.

    Somebody please buy this before I have to.
  16. F350joe

    7.3 diesel Centurian Bronco.
  17. F350joe

    Spontaneous combustion of 2008 Tacoma TRD Sport

    Was returning my moms Tacoma today after getting it smogged and cleaned up for family to use when they come to town. Was doing about 35mph when the thing just lost all power, no brakes, flames shooting out from the wheel wells and under the hood. Before I even melted to a stop the hood was...
  18. F350joe

    Nice 7.3 Excursion.

    Not mine just seemed like a good turnkey option for someone. We have our Excursion up for sale, this is the cleanest most upgraded one you will ever find! Everything is new on it and it runs amazing. No...
  19. F350joe

    Volvo molested by a tiny home. Warning! Graphic photos...
  20. F350joe

    59 Chevy Flatbed on an 80s Bronco Chassis. Could be a good expo rig.