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    Nicaragua crisis!

    If you are traveling up or down the PanAm be aware there is a major movement taking place in Nicaragua right now to oust Ortega. It has been violent from the government side since 4-19-2018, more than 200 peaceful protesters have been murdered most of them young adults but also many children...
  2. RMP&O

    SP 2TB water & shock proof external HD

    SP 2TB water & shock proof 2TB external HD. I bought two of these a year ago and never used this one. Excellent HD for travel. Takes a beating and keeps on ticking. I want $100 with shipping included to you. Best to pm me. Cheers
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    Garmin Oregon 650T GPS - new

    I am selling a Garmin Oregon 650T handheld waterproof GPS unit. I never used it so it is new. I want $400 with shipping included to you. Best to pm me. Cheers
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    ARB CKMP12 air compressor

    I am selling a like new ARB CKMP12 portable 12v air compressor. I used it four times so it is like new. I want $275 with shipping included to you. Best to pm me. Cheers
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    1984 LHD HJ47 Toyota Land Cruiser pickup!

    I was looking for some Troopies on my last Land Cruiser hunting trip down in Latin America and came across this HJ47. I ended up buying the HJ47 and importing it to the USA. I have all the importation and customs clearance documents. I got this Cruiser from some Cruiser enthusiasts in Latin...
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    1990 LHD PZJ70 Toyota Land Cruiser - lot's of recent work!

    I found this truck while hunting for Cruisers in Latin America. It was just to good to pass up so I bought it. The truck is currently located in California, it will be arriving in Boise, Idaho in under a week. I have all the import & customs clearance documents. 04/1990 PZJ70LV-MN is the model...
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    LHD 1990 PZJ70 & 1984 HJ47 pickup refurbish!

    I have bought two Cruisers for a new venture I am pursuing. Both I am importing to the USA. First though I have been doing a lot of work to these trucks. Some people buy the best they can find just to flip them and turn a profit. I get it but I am not no used car salesman!! Both trucks are in...
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    Importing Cruisers

    Kind of a dead horse type of thread but I am bored and sitting down here in Panama where I have driven my 100-series. I am thinking about importing some 70-series and 80-series from down here up to the states. I am familiar with import rules and laws as I have already imported two trucks to...
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    2000 UZJ Toyota Land Cruiser built to drive around the world!

    I purchased this truck in November of 2015 after searching for over a month. I was looking for a West Coast Cruiser, in particular a SoCal truck and I found one in Portland, Oregon that spent almost it's entire life in SoCal before being sold at auction and ending up in Oregon. When I purchased...
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    Mexico - current situation 1-7-17

    How many people are watching what is going down in Mexico right now? Cheers
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    1977 Nissan Patrol pickup - turbo diesel, 5spd, PTO winches

    I am selling my 77' Patrol Ute project. Think of this truck as a FJ45 pickup with a 12HT and H55 in it along with FJ60 axles fitted with ARB lockers. That is exactly what this truck is only it is the Nissan version of it! :) I imported the Ute from New Zealand in late 2002. I have a legit...
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    NIB NV4500 transmission & Atlas t-case.

    I have a new in the box NV4500 transmission and an Atlas t-case. I also have an adpter to bolt the NV4500 to a few different IH Scout engines and also a Nissan SD33T turbo diesel. NV4500: $2,000 Atlas: $3,000 Adapter: $500 Best to just call or text me at 3 zero 7 six 9 0 zero five 9 four Cheers
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    Super Duper Bling Nissan Patrol SD33T - X2 Charged, One Of A Kind Diesel!

    I will never recover what I have into this engine, but I must recover some of it! This is an SD33T diesel from an 1984 Nissan Patrol. I had it built to the hilt in Australia and then imported it to the USA. The engine build cost me over $25kusd. It than cost me $5k to import, in the 84 Patrol...
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    Overland Adventures - the journey to a new life

    Hey all, I am a bit early on this thread but figured why not get it going now!? I have been on the forum for awhile, built a lot of trucks and have done two drives down to Panama and back. Here is my two trips I did reports on here on ExPo...
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    UZJ100 built for the long trip south

    I bought this truck last November. I had a really nice 80 with a v8 and set up very well. I rolled it last July and the body was a total loss. I sold a bunch of stuff off it and saved the chassis. I tossed the body. I went a few months driving work trucks which I can't stand doing and then...
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    They said don't do it.....

    but I did it anyways. I was told, don't drive your 100 on a 2,000 mile road trip with that 125k 16yr old timing belt. Well, I did and it was fine. First 600 miles through a blizzard at night, then I got about 100 miles of good roads before the next 300 miles in a gnarly wind/dust storm. Then I...
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    1988 D110 6x6 Ute Cheers
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    97 LX gets a v8 and more!

    So a buddy of mine in Colorado has been on the hunt for an 80 series with a bad motor or with high mileage. He wants an 80 with a v8 which is why he has been seeking the truck with a bad motor. He has been looking for like 3-4 months at least but I think we just found the right truck 100 miles...
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    Trade my locked v8 80-series Cruiser for....

    Not selling. Don't feel a need to get rid of it. I love the truck. It is pretty dialed in and nice. I would do a trade though. Here is my Cruiser, it is a 1991: -1997 5.7L vortec, California smog legal with sticker to prove it. Unknown mileage on motor but it runs perfect. Plenty of new stuff...
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    1977 Nissan Patrol LG60 - fully restored

    I have no affiliation Cheers