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  1. Motobilt

    Camp shower advice needed

    I've got the Mr. Heater Boss XB13 and love it. My girlfriend actually bought the thing, but we've all enjoyed it to say the least.
  2. Motobilt

    Anti-condensation mat?

    It really depends on where you camp the most. I live in the southeast were humidity is pretty high, so it's for sure worth getting. It also depends on how often you camp too and if you have the ability to air out your tent after every trip.
  3. Motobilt

    How do I work the built in light in a CVT Summit Series

    Yeah, CVT has some of the best costumer service out there. They'll definitely be able to help out.
  4. Motobilt

    Stereo question (not sure if this is the right place)

    Alpine has an awesome little 45x4 amp that will tuck up in your dash. I believe the mode is KTP-445A. I have it in my truck and it's perfect. Only thing, you will need an Alpine head unit for it to plug in.
  5. Motobilt

    I have caught the bug...

    Check out the CVT hard shell. It's a little bit more expensive, but it's aerodynamic and setup is only about two minutes. But I'm the same way you are, I hammock camped for years and once I finally nutted up a bought a rtt, it was worth it. One of the biggest things, the girl friend is happy and...
  6. Motobilt

    TJ Lift

    3.5" for sure.
  7. Motobilt

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    1998 TJ on 37's.