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    Our DIY Hilux camper build

    Bump for updates; interesting build. I did not know that BiMobil built boxes small enough for a 70 series pickup; that is also a cool truck. EDIT: Spelling error
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    Researching an Overland Build - Seeking Feedback

    Have to you spoken to people running the LMTV trucks as expedition, cross country or long distance travel vehicles? If not, you should visit an OvEx show and get some real world feed back. They are neither comfortable, nor economical to operate. They are military vehicles, intended to travel at...
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    Sterling Acterra Fire Rescue Truck Xpediation Conversion

    Cool truck, but what is an, "Xpediation Conversion"? :D
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    Finally, a great adhesive for DIY and Professional use!

    Sika does not recommend 252 for bonding alloy SIPs together and never has to my knowledge. It is the "go to" on the forum, but that does not mean it is the right product for the job. Millions of dollars have been spent developing Thixotropic Adhesives for bonding nearly anything you can think...
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    Volvo C304 TGB13 6x6 "BreadBox" Poptop Van Thing

    The gray and wood trim certainly go well together. What size are the new tires?
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    DIY Composite Flatbed Camper Build

    Any competent machine shop or fab shop can make a 90 degree angle iron from whatever sheet stock you desire. If you need it to measure 4" on one side to cover a 2" panel and only 2" or 3" on the other side, they can do that too. If 11 gauge is too thick, have it bent from 14 gauge or 16 gauge. A...
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    2009 Chevy Medium Duty 4x4 Kodiak Ambulance conversion

    Lagun table bases and mounts are fantastic if you find yourself in need of another.
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    What are the companies I could buy a composite "box" from?

    Depending on your skill set and/or what you are willing to do or learn, you could likely build your own composite shell quite cheaply. Total Composites builds their panels in China from foam and fiberglass, where a company like Box Manufaktur builds their panels in Germany to quite high...
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    Party Rated: Our Ram 5500 budget build

    From the European truck builders, i.e. BoxManufaktur, ActionMobil, Bliss, Unicat, et al., you will usually see either a 40mm wall or a 60mm wall. Some window manufacturers, such as KCT and Outbound, follow these standards. If you wish to have a four season camper, I would not suggest a one inch...
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    2015 Isuzu NPR Crew cab 4x4 Ultimate Expo Vehicle

    No sir, it now spends time in NV and southern California fighting wildfires. Matt may be willing to build another one if you are a serious buyer. There are two more en queue, as of now.
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    DIY Composite Flatbed Camper Build

    If, by composite studs, you mean something like an HDPE plastic "lumber", I would steer you away from that also. High Density plastics are quite heavy, certainly compared to a pine or fir 2x4 stud, and they also have quite a high coefficient of expansion. I would prefer not to have that in my walls.
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    DIY Composite Flatbed Camper Build

    While many companies still use it, I would steer you away from wood completely. Modern composite technology is fantastic and it is quite easy to build your own panels if you are a DIY kind of a guy. Wood rots, twists, burns and bugs eat it. You may say, "Psshshhhtt", but go look at an old boat...
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    Truck Utility SpaceKap to Camper Conversion

    What is the weight of an empty fiberglass shell? EDIT: forgot to add the weight for the Master Truck Body version, for comparison. Their 6.5' version weighs 600 pounds and their 8' version weighs 700 pounds. Both seem quite heavy to me.
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    Fuso FG 6 speed conversion?

    IMO, budget is the limiting factour here. As we do not get the plethora of Isuzu and Fuso trucks and buses found in Australia, there aren't many parts from which to chose. Yes, you could get a manual transmission in a 2WD truck, but good luck finding someone who knows the various bolt patterns...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

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    SRW 450 Mountain Build

    With the high payload capacity of many modern trucks and a relatively lightweight camper, can you explain why you chose the F450 as a base platform? The 6.0 is a decent motor once "bullet-proofed" and the Super 60 in front allows for a wider track and thus, a better wheel cut/tighter turning...
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    A Fuso FG hybrid

    WrightSpeed converted a USDM NPR to full electric several years ago. Integrating a highly tuned and efficient diesel engine of about 2.0 liters in displacement that produces 150 - 200 HP and 250 - 300 foot pounds of torque, into the system provides ample power in stand alone mode, when coupled...
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    NEVER QUIT Overland's Extreme Isuzu NPR Build & 4x4 Conversion

    30 minute detailed walk-around shot by MixFlip at the Overland Expo. The camper box is getting close to completion and the chassis cab is getting some work done next week in preparation for mounting the box permanently.
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    2020 EarthCruiser?

    Earhroamer uses F550 chassis cabs and based on what I was told at the NTEA show in Indy, the new 7.3L pushrod motor will not be offered in the F550. This may have changed since March, as the engine had just been released. Earthcruiser uses the Fuso platform (now FE, formerly FG), while...
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    Anyone heard of Acela Trucks before?

    Having attended nearly a dozen 'offroad expo' type shows in the last decade, I can only say, "Cut through the hype, marketing and BS." Talk to current and past owners, ask for documentation on warranty and repairs, check the Better Business Bureau, visit the factory, open panels, pull the...