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  1. boxcar1

    Can't find what I want so the build begins.

    dfrank. I will document the current build at a later time. This one is epic. I am in the process of designing the platform as we speak. The current camper weighs in at just over 1000 lbs wet
  2. boxcar1

    Can't find what I want so the build begins.

    Sorry it took me so long to respond...... Out playing..... The wood was screwed to the steel chassis with #8 stainless steel pan head tech screws
  3. boxcar1

    Stairs / tray combo for truck campers...

    Mine slide out from under the camper on rollers. Then the stairs are supported by the hitch. I ended up with free floating self storing stairs.
  4. boxcar1

    New member's build finally in the truck.

    Wow . The snow you get! Thanks for the kind words . I have been busy with other projects and don't get back here much any more. I will check back more often. Interested to see what you come up with. If you need help let me know.
  5. boxcar1

    First post, first build

    Nice job on the build. Good choice of materials.....
  6. boxcar1

    Truma? / what is a hard side camper like to drive? (cross winds, handling on highways)

    I feel, and have plenty of miles with hard sides and pick up trucks to qualify my opinion, that 90 % of the cross wind problems listed by many responders of this thread are due to improper set ups . If the truck is properly set up for the haul you should never have a problem .Grossly overloaded...
  7. boxcar1

    New member's build finally in the truck.

    Hey Randy. Sounds familiar. I like your slide out idea on the genny. Sounds like a good one to me. Insulate the box with 1" ridged insulation . I run a Yamaha 1500 in the same manner. Works well. As to the sealant. I used SCS 1000 on all of my lap joints during my build. It's what Boing uses on...
  8. boxcar1

    Opinions on truck/camper needed.

    You need a long bed. An 8' camper works fine by itself on a short bed. A short bed designed camper works better. The problem you have is the Jeep. If you run a standard 8' camper on a short bed you need a hitch extension. As long as you limit the tongue weight ( flat tow the Jeep ) the truck...
  9. boxcar1

    Can't find what I want so the build begins.

    I wouldn't know. This rig is running a 302, 4:27 gears and a 4 speed. And yes it does get up and go.
  10. boxcar1

    How long before we see a Earthromer for $150K?

    Zoiks, what pos are you driving? Brakes are consumable like tires, and you can change those yourself. Outside of that, what company has t cases and diffs that fail before 100000 without major service? And even if they did, how would a 5000/10000 dollar repair lead to scrapping a 150000 dollar...
  11. boxcar1

    Expedition Vehicle selection thoughts?

    Zybane . Everyone's definition of an expedition vehicle is different. But I think at the very top is large water carrying capacity. Most lightweight truck campers like yours have only 20-40 gal water tanks. That would eliminate it from consideration at the very onset. Wow! I have always thought...
  12. boxcar1

    Cabover height

    Elk horn is one of the manufacturers that use a stepped roof design . You can save height by running a traditional small home AC unit mounted low in a cabinet. Say , under the refrigerator. This is a Much better way to go. Lowers the center of gravity, maintenance is much simplified , cost is...
  13. boxcar1

    1976 Ford F-250 Bug Out Camper/Utility Bed Rig

    Nice old rig. Take care of it and she will last your life time.
  14. boxcar1

    Can't find what I want so the build begins.

    Up at lost lake. Nice quiet trip. Today I decided that winter is coming early . Mounted up the KM2's ... Black shoes , no socks..... I have always liked the looks of the truck better with these on it .
  15. boxcar1

    External ladders and safety

    Sorry for the 300# typo. 200# was what I was attempting to convey. Fat fingers. Measure your foot, Then stand on a bathroom scale on one foot. You will get the idea. A lot of weight focused in one small aria of your roof. As to equipment on your roof and examining it for damage. Yes , you are...
  16. boxcar1

    Can't find what I want so the build begins.

    Today, now that the daughters wedding is over, I'm off..... Lost lake Oregon is the destination. A bit of trout fishing will calm my nerves. We will be dragging the drift boat on this trip. I'll post up some pics and updates as things progress....... Happy trails all.
  17. boxcar1

    questions about Flatbed loading/mounting

    Freaking cool!!!!!!!!!!(y)
  18. boxcar1

    Expedition Vehicle selection thoughts?

    I wouldn't take Zybane or his comments to seriously. Mundo4x4Casa He is obviously ill informed. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Nice pics.....
  19. boxcar1

    Expedition Vehicle selection thoughts? The Hino 500 4x4 bare frame would be a good starting point. (Serviceable world wide.) Add the coach of your choice. Should make a good world traveler.
  20. boxcar1

    questions about Flatbed loading/mounting

    A good idea if your camper is designed for it. On your old school unit though it would not be advisable as the floor of the camper is more than likely stapled to the sides of the slide in portion. If it were me...... I'd repair the corners of the camper then use them for the tie down points as...