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  1. LilPoppa

    Southern Utah Locals Feelings on the Removal of Protected Status

    I've been thinking about the removal of Bear Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante from National Monument status. From what I understand as a Canadian, the area is now open to mineral exploration where before it wasn't(?). I was a little disappointed at first. We had gone down to Utah last...
  2. LilPoppa

    Pronghorn Rear Bumper Coming Soonish

    Pronghorn mentioned on their website that they have a rear bumper for the JK, but I couldn't find any info on it. I sent them an email and got this reply: "The Omega A/T Twin is aluminum construction, like the Alpha A/T, and will feature the GearMount accessory mounting system allowing the...
  3. LilPoppa

    Nicaragua 4X4 Recommendations (And an Jimny Question)

    I noticed a few places that rent 4X4's in Nicaragua. Does anybody here have any experience with a particular outfit? And now that you're here, who's seen the inside of a Suzuki Jimny? Do you think 2 adults and 2 kids with backpacks would be too tight?
  4. LilPoppa

    Kargo Master W/Congo Cage, Front Runner Slimline, or Gobi...Discuss

    I'm looking for a roof rack for my JKU. I really like the Front Runner Slimline and the Gobi Stealth. They both seem like high quality items, and I like how they look. The Front Runner is my favourite, as far as aesthetics is concerned, but I've read so many good reviews of the Gobi Stealth...
  5. LilPoppa

    I Need Opinions. You Guys Like Giving Opinions, Right?

    So I'm thinking about getting a flatbed ATC Shell. I'm buying a truck soon, and while I would like the size of an 8' camper, the one thing that is really bothering me is the breakover angle on a truck that big. What if I got a truck with a 6 1/2' bed (and thus a shorter wheelbase) and put an 8'...
  6. LilPoppa

    2011 Ford F250 for $14,900

    Not mine, but this seems like a pretty good deal. Almost too good? That's $11,000 US.
  7. LilPoppa

    1993 Toyota Hiace Truck Thing This thing looks awesome. I think the price is $16,000?
  8. LilPoppa

    2008 International MXT - FORT MCMURRAY $89,500 Definitely not mine.
  9. LilPoppa

    The Portal Hub Down? I'm getting a "site does not exist" message. I don't think I've been on for a month or so. Has it been down for long?
  10. LilPoppa

    Opinions On Old Trucks with New Engines?

    I've never had an engine replaced, so I though I would ask for the experienced opinions found on this here forum. So there's this truck. It's a '94 Chevy 1500 4x4 with over 350,000km on it. It's pretty rust-free, the suspension is tip-top, it had its transmission rebuilt before it got parked...
  11. LilPoppa

    Kinda Neat "Only 25,000kms on a rebuilt engine. 168,000 on the rest of the motorhome. 4-cylinder. Runs great and everything inside works great too... fridge, stove, toilet, shower. Also has a new propane furnace that cranks heat, great stereo. 17ft...