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  1. moodybloo

    registering a slide in as a rv in az

    hi does anyone know if its possible to register a truck and slide in as a Rv in Arizona? does it have to be permanently mounted? Moodybloo
  2. moodybloo

    F350 camper INSPECTION

    Hi i am hoping to buy a f350 camper on craiglist 6862363564, Does anyone know this truck or could maybe have a look at it for me before i spend money flying out to MA. Cheers kevin Ps is it worth getting the local ford dealer to inspect it? Cost?
  3. moodybloo

    Military color scheme

    Hi Has anyone had problems with border crossing because of the vehicle being in "military colors"? I saw one vehicle refused entry into Marocco because it was camo colored, Luckily this was in ceuta(spanish enclave),so, they brought some grey paint and painted it on the beach and were allowed...
  4. moodybloo


    We are a European couple looking to buy a 4x4 &/or lifted camper to travel to Baja for the winter,we have spend the last 2 winters there in our euro camper which we returned to Europe(mistake). So, let us know what you have for sale,no scammers please. We have up to 25000$ for the right vehicle...