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  1. craig333

    Dogs traveling in camper?

    I wouldn't let my dog ride in my camper. Besides he's much happier sticking his head out the window.
  2. craig333

    Best way to power a Four Wheel Camper?

    Definitely go with solar. Mounting is relatively simple. While I can charge from the truck I never need to.
  3. craig333

    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    I remember when he brought the first prototype to a WTW gathering on Green Creek. How excited he was. Sad to this this day come.
  4. craig333

    First-Aid situations you've encountered in the backcountry

    Hape is pretty scary. They say it can happen even to your group leader, the guy you'd least expect. Training and least a small trauma kit. On a Jeep run the Jeep behind me rolled five times. No one (except me) had anything other band aids. Luckily other than a bump on his head he was uninjured...
  5. craig333

    FWC Worth It? Insight Appreciated!

    Depends on what you mean by off grid. I don't think a Palomino would survive what I do but if you never engage 4wd it may do just fine for you.
  6. craig333

    Trasharoo alternatives

    Never thought about using my trasharoo for anything but trash.
  7. craig333

    Thinking about dropping the hi-lift

    Change a tire with a hi lift? Sure, why not? Crawl underneath with a high lift supporting the vehicle? Now thats a no no. Still you have weigh all the factors. Repair while supported with a hi lift or walk thirty miles through the desert for help.
  8. craig333

    Diesel for overlanding- are you happy with the choice?

    Not sure where people get those repair numbers. 150k on my cummins and 0 repairs done. I like my diesel but would I buy one now? Probably not. Gassers have come a long ways.
  9. craig333

    Overland Expo West Rigs and trip reports

    I can't believe I missed some of these rigs. It was a large area.
  10. craig333

    fire extinguisher recommendation requested

    When I was was with CDF, they made us dump the powder through a screen. Don't think it was necessary but that was the procedure. I was minutes behind a traffic collision where a guy got rear ended and his car burst into flames. A couple local businessmen used their 2A10BC extinguishers...
  11. craig333

    4 wheel camper model

    Wow, looks like you done good!
  12. craig333

    Stow-able dog bed/cot for spoiled camp pooch

    Half the time he prefers dirt but if he's wanting some comfort...
  13. craig333

    FWC Owners: questions about carrying stuff on the roof.

    With one kayak its a struggle. Not recommended unless back pain is your thing.
  14. craig333

    Thinking about dropping the hi-lift

    The safe jack is great, however. Guy in front of me got high centered on a rock, in the middle of a river crossing. Unless you bring your snorkel the bottle jack might not work so well. The hi lift well in this case. I've also used my hilift in the snow. Would have taken a lot of shoveling to...
  15. craig333

    How many actually use 120VAC when off-grid?

    I run my microwave and a tiny little vacuum and the coffee grinder.
  16. craig333

    fire extinguisher recommendation requested

    I like to have more than one.
  17. craig333

    Open Differentials vs. Traction Control vs. Lockers

    Agree completely. In my Jeep the detroit frequently means I don't need to lock in the hubs. Finally got a limited slip installed in the truck.
  18. craig333

    Camper pass through/ window boot.

    FWC ditched that option because of all the problems associated with it.
  19. craig333

    Project Flift, a 1986 Four Wheel Campers Fleet shortening documentation thread!

    I'm not sure but I don't trust my skills to do the job!
  20. craig333

    Project Flift, a 1986 Four Wheel Campers Fleet shortening documentation thread!

    You and others who have rebuilt the lift panels have convinced me I'll just drive over to ATC and have them do it. If it ever needs doing. Did you ever actually camp in it?