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  1. BKCowGod

    Oh god, BKCowGod got another'un (Dakota mild build thread)

    So I got sick of not having a pick-em-up truck and found this thing languishing in the back of a dealer lot. He wanted $6k. I started laying $100 bills on his desk and stopped at $2000 and just stared at him until he said "okay". Here's the basics: 1995 Dakota SLT Club Cab Factory & Aftermarket...
  2. BKCowGod

    Thank you NPS!

    So in preparation for my upcoming Hawaii trip, I stopped by the GGNRA book store and picked up my free Interagency Access Pass All I had to do was show my doctor's note "This is to inform you that Ben has Type-1 Diabetes, a permanent condition that significantly limits and affects his daily...
  3. BKCowGod

    I finally gave in to Micro 4/3

    So for $300 with a warranty, I couldn't resist. I was going back and forth between Olympus and Sony, but the form factor and the reputedly-better JPEG engine finally swung me... Behold a crappy cameraphone picture of a non-crappy camera! For the record, I am not a pro. I know my way around a...
  4. BKCowGod

    Not mine: 1992 RRC SWB - $4300 in NorCal

    Hi y'all. It ain't mine, but I have bought parts from him and he's an awesome, standup guy. Just thought I'd crosspost for him because I know a lot of you have the same soft spot for these that I do.
  5. BKCowGod

    SOLD: Canon Digital Rebel with 2 lenses and big mem card

    Okay, I just never use this thing and my skill level and needs will probably be better suited by a mini 4/3... It is mechanically perfect, will come with the following: * Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT -- It's an oldie, but a goodie. Still takes beautiful pictures. * 18-55 Kit Lens w/Sunpak 55mm UV...
  6. BKCowGod

    Quick RRC Air-Con question

    Hey y'all... I have a leaking condenser and I can't find a replacement at my usual sources. It appears (according to some places) the 3.9 and the 4.2 have different condensers? Anybody wanna confirm this? Rockauto has a 3.9 condenser for $81 + shipping and a couple of sources say they are the...
  7. BKCowGod

    Two RRC upgrade questions (shocks and chips)

    So my complete lack of money hasn't stopped me from looking at Roverporn... 1) Suspension... If the EAS ever dies, I will probably replace it with a spring conversion. But until then I need most of my bushings replaced and I suspect shocks as well. Which shocks will work with both the factory...
  8. BKCowGod

    215/85-16 questions

    Hi y'all - Looking for some real-world answers... For now my RRC is completely stock and it will stay that way until the air suspension blows up. But the tires are cracked and dying, so it's gonna get some Geolandars and I was thinking of going with the 215/85. * Will I have any issues with...
  9. BKCowGod

    BKCowGod's RRC Build Thread (The MechaPenguin)

    So my girlfriend saw it and said "it's short and fat, it waddles down the road, it's awkward until it gets into its element, and it will keep us warm and safe in the worst of weather... it must be a penguin!" Thus the name. The vehicle in question is a 1993 Range Rover County LWB. I don't think...
  10. BKCowGod

    Dakotas: 1st Gen vs. 2nd Gen?

    Okay, let's say just for the sake of argument that I will be gaining a family member in the near future and will therefore need a truck that can carry three people and a dog comfortably. I have narrowed it down to a Dakota with the 3.9l V6, 5 speed, and part time 4wd. I want the MPFI, so 1992 or...
  11. BKCowGod

    An.... interesting... cherokee?

    Um - I'm not sure what to make of the obviously professional modifications that have been made to this one - too bad you can't see the brake pedals in the pic, and notice he says nothing about the gas pedal(s) the ad:
  12. BKCowGod

    4 Diesel Land Cruisers on CL

    toyota land cruiser diesel bj41 bj44 bj46 Date: 2010-03-26, 2:40PM PDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] 1984 bj46 white, 4x4, 4 cylinder 3-b diesel, 5-speed, power steering, AC, mid wheel base, rear seat faces forward. $17950.00 1982...
  13. BKCowGod

    2001 Disco 2 Valuation

    Hey Rover Folkies! I have a very good friend with a classic rover sob story. Basically what we have is a PERFECT cosmetically Disco - green with great tan leather interior, beautiful paint, it even smells new. 111k miles... Mechanically, it threw a code and she took it to a respected local rover...
  14. BKCowGod

    1980 Jeep Cherokee Chief (you know you want it!)

    It's been a fun trip, but my commute and parking situation just changed drastically, and it is time to rethink my priorities a bit... It's absolutely killing me to do this, but I need every penny I can get and the Nissan is just a better option for me at this time in my life. What you have...
  15. BKCowGod

    Hot onroad expo fun! 1997 BMW M3 in Bay Area

    First the boring stuff for the people who only care about facts 1997 BMW M3 * 3.2 liter Inline 6 * 5 speed Automatic with sport and manual modes * just under 150k miles Now for the more important stuff... What you see here is the best of both worlds, a wolf in a badass sheep's clothing...
  16. BKCowGod

    It's here!!! (CZ-82)

    My 10 day waiting period just ended... I absolutely love how natural this thing feels in my hands, and how smooth the action is. I can't wait to get it to a range!
  17. BKCowGod

    Help me pick a handgun

    I dunno why I keep waffling back and forth on this one, but I am. In the sub-$300 range, I am looking at a CZ-82, a used Ruger 9mm, and a Smith 4043. This will be for the lockbox in the truck and (as a very secondary use) for basic home defense. I like how cheap the ammo is for the CZ, and every...
  18. BKCowGod

    BKCowGod's Pre-Pre-Frontier Build (Datsun 720)

    (This will probably be pretty boring - I am using ExPo bandwidth as a place to keep track of everything I am/want to/will/need to/do/did to my new daily driver/ski/small camp truck) The Vehicle: 1983 Datsun 720 4x4 King Cab. 2.4l Nissan Z engine, 5 speed manual, 2 speed transfer case. Crank...
  19. BKCowGod

    I'm one of you now... sorta (new rig)

    So I went and traded in my motorcycle: It's a 1983 Datsun 720 4x4 with 5 speed, crank windows, no a/c... I think the only option is the auto locking hubs (which work perfectly). The carb is a bit funky, but I think I will probably drop in a 32/36 Weber. This will be the daily driver and Tahoe...
  20. BKCowGod

    Drool: '85 Toyota Diesel Pickup on eBay

    no affiliation... eBay Link