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  1. Hilldweller

    Great Deal on Magpul “Shacket”, reg $160, now only 20 bucks!

    Only two sizes left in rust color. small and smaller.
  2. Hilldweller

    ExOffico: Give-N-Go Tee Shirts -- rubbish!

    I use 32 Degree Cool/Heat ---- works well for me. Base layers or whatever. The anti-stank is built in.
  3. Hilldweller

    Kitanica pants review

    They look too Power Ranger for me... Although I do like the MOLLE straps on the side. I could use that for my blow-out kit. I use 5.11 for CERT and SAR ---- I really like the lightweight pants. Only $50 too.
  4. Hilldweller

    Polymer step stool options?

    I had one of those, Steve; it crushed like a house of cards under me the first time I used it. I was about #250 at the time. Got it from West Marine ---- they wouldn't talk about refund.
  5. Hilldweller

    Truck Hero to Acquire Omix-ADA

    Truck Hero vs TransAmerica. Battle of the titans.
  6. Hilldweller

    Truck Hero to Acquire Omix-ADA

    And they just bought Lund too.
  7. Hilldweller

    Need some schooling on 2010ish Land Rover Range Rover HSE

    I'd post the query in the LR arena:
  8. Hilldweller

    12v electric blanket any good?

    I got a 12v "throw" off Amazon years ago and use it all the time when we're out in the winter. It has a 45 minute timer which warms the mattress in the teardrop --- if it's really cold I might cycle it a few times during the night too. The teardrop has two 122 ah boat batteries and 100w of...
  9. Hilldweller

    Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.

    They're coming together really well, Chad; good work. Would make a good Jeep roof.... Chad's really really tall and likely doesn't need a ladder. Just hops in.
  10. Hilldweller

    SSF556 Build Up - 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD

    I've got about 123,000 on my JK, Scott. You need more time off...