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    JLU worth car payments?

    Haha right. I saw a modified one before a stock one once they hit the streets for the first time out here.
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    JLU worth car payments?

    Great feedback. I’ll admit 37’s we’re just a goal. The 35’s were fine. I guess 37 is not truly needed. Didn’t even think about the pain it would be to put a child in and out with 37’s.
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    JLU worth car payments?

    Some of the the places we go to in CO and Utah etc I have hit with 35’s. Just want that extra clearance as we enjoy trails in the Jeep at times. Thanks everyone.
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    JLU worth car payments?

    So I am torn. I sold my 2015 Sahara some time ago to sell before the JLU came out for resale value. After I finally learned the prices sticker shock set in. Well time has passed and it’s time to get in a wrangler again. But I’m torn. Do I go 2015-18 jku or jlu? Jku no car payment. Jlu...
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    Group Buy: MaxTrax

    In for a pair
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    New Jeep - Gladiator Rubicon

    AT has already posted a pic of a habitat on one.
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    Captain Texas Anvil JKU build

    What made you decide to hold off on a jl and let the jku for longer? I love this Jeep so I’m glad to hear it.
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    Arb fridge... what am I doing wrong?

    Thanks guys, after doing some more research a bunch of the Toyota guys (have a 4runner have said they had issues until they got the wire kit with the 8g direct wire due to volt drops. The plot thickens.... and it’s in f. The top cans just never got cold.
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    Arb fridge... what am I doing wrong?

    So I picked up a used Arb 50qt from a guy upgrading to a larger size. He and the deal were legit so I fee this is user error. I have never used one before and I guess I expected it to be like a normal fridge. He told me the sweet spot was 28 for cold and 18 for freeze when using. I felt...
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    JL to many electronics for the own good?

    Haha sorry. Was at work having one of those random moments of thought
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    JL to many electronics for the own good?

    So same ole post I feel like these days... Have a 15 jku Sahara. 3.5 aev, no lockers. 35’s. Armored etc etc. I’m really happy where it is now minus the axles / locker. The plan was to put larger axles under it and go to 37. 2-4 year plan is ls swap so engine trans b tween the two mean nothing...
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    New JKU Cargo System and Other Upgrades

    Is that the 50 or 65 dometic size?
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    Just Five Bolts: Fridge Slide AND Cargo Rack!

    Is that the 50 fridge?
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    AEV Outpost II Wrangler

    Dynatrac 44 front and 60 rear. With hemi
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    AEV Outpost II Wrangler

    I can't find the Facebook video anymore but top opens at a 45 degree slant. Opening in the cab to access camper.
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    AEV Outpost II Wrangler

    Is that a pop top or flip top. So many questions!
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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    Pdxfrogdog. What rack and how did you set that up on top
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    Switching back to a 4runner for now....

    Had a 4th gen before back in the day. Loved it. The vehicle was totaled and that was that. Went into a 2015 jku Sahara and loved it. Well I have always toyed with upgrading to a rubicon and after my last trip to Moab and watching the rubicon like me with 35's and locker and me without...
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    2016 JKU Backcountry AKA "The Goat"

    Have you gotten the chaser already? Curious why you added the rear shelf if you will have the trailer.
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    Titan trekker on sale

    does anyone have info on the "new" setup?